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May 15, 2005


Wow. I have an easy smile on my face. School's out.

That was among the most intense nine-month periods of my life. New friends, and new roommates in a new house. A new school with new professors, mentors, and colleagues. New classes that pushed me to my limit both semesters -- including getting back into math (flexing that part of my brain that hadn't been stretched in a while). Multiple all-nighters in a row multiple times. The Salon3136 events, leading up to last nights 24-Hour Concert, which was awesome.

The whole year Solange and I spent loving from a distance, which was very emotionally difficult at times. She'll be moving here in early June for the Summer. :) In work, grant-writing, software-writing, and especially music-writing took up a hell of a lot of time and energy, and all have been satisfying. I've also listened to more new music in more new genres and learned more about the new music I've heard than in any period probably since I began my music classes at Vanderbilt back in 1996. I've met more composers and made more important life-long contacts than I ever have before.

And suddenly I'm free. No schedule. Free to use my time as I choose at every moment to get done the still long list of important projects. Haha, it makes me giddy just to be so relaxed! Wow. These are great times.

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