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August 26, 2005

Way Overdue

All right... I'm way overdue for some posts here -- been fat, happy, in love (what's that smell?), and busy all summer long... but here are a few links I collected over the summer and meant to post with enlightening commentary... ah well...

A submission by Einstein for NPR's This I Believe. The more universal matters he talks about are touching and beautiful; my view of the human universe is akin to his. But he ends on a strange repugnant note embroiled in the politics of his time. That is what scientists do, though, isn't it? Make bold statments that are often not quite right, but which lead the world forward into a lovely fresh jungle of new possibilities when the results prove true.

A recent study on the hormone oxytocin. sniff, sniff... You know, I really trust that you check this blog every day.

And finally, a single gene apparently switches the sexual orientation and complex social behavior of fruit flies. The awesomely powerful consequences of changes in simple rules of biological machines... wow. No one is suggesting that the same changes could be triggered in humans by the manipulation of a single gene, but this suggests that it might be fewer and simpler genetic changes than we might expect. Flip 2 or 3 genes and your carousing blowhard neighbor becomes a fabulous queen... ah, won't the future be interesting...

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