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October 19, 2005

crash contrast

I've been sitting outside on campus writing music, just sketching ideas. It's crisp and clear out; blue blue sky and some trees flaming red-orange while others are a mild yellow in the half-light. Very light breeze and most people smiling as they walked.

Then two bikes crashed head-on right in front of me on the bike path. Fast. Wheels in the air. Skulls on the ground. Or skull (singular) anyway. I called 911 immediately, but there were so many people who had done the same thing I told the operator I'd let someone else handle it. A woman, student I think, hurried over saying, "I am a first responder. I can help. Trust me. I know what to do." One guy was fine. The other had his skull cracked open and bleeding.

After things seemed under control and there was nothing I could do, I walked away to help it look like less of a scene, hoping others would do the same. The injured guy especially doesn't need a crowd gawking at his delirium.

The contrast struck me. The sudden change.

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