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September 20, 2006

Great Struggles

We go about our day-to-day mostly dealing in superficial pleasantries or straightforward information exchange so we can all keep the world running, keep doing our thing. I desperately wish to hear more discourse on the things that matter. Wisdom, Patience, Honor, Humility, Respect, Indecisiveness, Luck (or the lack of it), Doubt, and the list goes on.

This has become a new impetus, a new spur for me to compassion: I remind myself, when looking down on someone, when pitying someone, when despising someone... that we, he and I, she and I, we have Great Struggles in common.

Our struggles are different, surely, because we are individuals with different histories, but there is this: we all struggle, and our struggles are colossal for us. They will keep us moving forward for a lifetime, ever giving us reason to rise from sleep. And rise to our dreams. I suspect also that themes will emerge when many people's struggles are taken in sum. I want to find out what these themes are—what are THE Great Struggles of humanity, from a survey, not from what I imagine them to be according to this or that archetype or stereotype.

Please, share your great struggles with me. We all have them... artistic, or moral, or political, social, psychological. What questions confront you again and again in all areas of your life? I honor you, respect you, and thank you for anything you might share, for confronting head-on the big questions in your life.

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