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September 20, 2006

Ah, TV Crews

Dreamt last night about being on the set of a news broadcast. But we (the staff of the news show) were playing some kind of joke because it was a holiday of some sort, like April Fools Day, but not. I was in charge of sound, mainly doing live foley. And there was the news anchor, a guy whom I do not recognize from any other part of my waking or dreaming life.

Actually that's worth a little digression... that's pretty rare for me... the news anchor seems to have been a genuinely new dream-creation... I'm trying to think of anyone he reminds me of, but no one comes to mind... the tiniest bit of the main character from Gattaca I suppose... but wackier... this news anchor had a real jokester personality... weird.

In any case, he and I were reporting on some bombing that was a conceptual image mixup between the Unabomber and a suicide bombing in present day Iraq.

And the news anchor sat there in silence for a lot of the news cast and just stared at the camera...

Maybe he reminds me of John Stewart...

And maybe this has something to do with my first real encounter with a live TV crew last week. The University of Minnesota School of Music is making a commercial. You know, show everyone how awesome we are. All our great stuff and great people. In any case, I was unholy-cheap student labor to help them run our sound studios. And they were not effective communicaors. About lots of things. But I won't go into that.

Haha... oh well, on with the day -- heeYAH!

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