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October 4, 2006

Property Info

I just found out a whole bunch of information about my building (the one where I live and pay rent) that I didn't previously know! Minneapolis provides this info as a public service—and maybe every city does—but I wouldn't have know how to find this if I had tried! I just stumbled on it by accident when trying to find out whether tomorrow was a recycling pickup day.

City of Minneapolis Search By Address

I now can unequivocally tell people that my home was built in 1900, that my apartment is 938 square feet, and that it's currently worth $325,500. The most exciting part is that there's a (somewhat incomplete) rental and ownership history. I now know (whereas I didn't before) who owns the building! And I know his phone number! If I told you that I lived at 3029 Aldrich Ave S, you could know it too! You'd also know (and this is perhaps the funniest and most exciting part of it to me personally) that my previous landlord owned my current property until he sold it about a week before my 10th birthday.

Vive l'internet!

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I lived in the 2nd floor apartment at 3029 Aldrich as a child (K through 2nd grade)around 1943-46. A long time ago!

Posted by: Herb Nelson at June 8, 2009 11:11 AM

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