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January 7, 2008

Big Ass Words

I recently spent an afternoon with a friend in a warm, cozy coffeeshop while snow poured endless white on everything visible through the windows to our right. Sunk deep into the black couch, we chortled at grant applications and academic writing in general. We started listing big, pretentious words we had encountered or used. Or thought we ought to use. Or specifically avoid using.

Then, bringing a smile to my face on so many levels, Nikki pulled out a simple, elegant, precious-looking black notebook, drawing aside the elastic strap holding it shut, clicked a pen in her hand and scribbled a few of the words. Then turned only her head and looked at me with seriousness and mischief. "Oh! Reification!" Concentrated scribbling.

"Problematization—I like to problematize things."

"Situationist. Simulacrum!"

"Yeah, yeah, or mention people: Kant, Deleuze, Foucault, Eco."

"Cage, Warhol."

We went on like this for a long time. It was a blast, and cathartic in a roundabout way.



"What's heterotopia?" (Foucault, Utopia)

In any case, this was one of the most memorable games I have played—a little gem of memory made—and it was fun sharing our various little niches of academic specialty. Here are our results; feel free to throw down these trump words the next time you're under pressure to impress. I'll be tossing some into an upcoming grant application, definitely.


Posted by crock038 at January 7, 2008 11:52 AM | Rambling


Haha! That's great! Next time I am in a place to use my academicosity, I'll turn to your blog!

Posted by: Solange at January 10, 2008 1:19 PM

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