Action Research Project: Statewide Emerging Leaders Program – Creating Continuous Learning

Team members: Stacey, Mick, Gabriele, Linda, and Terri


Focus on the Statewide Emerging Leaders program in partnership with the College of Continuing Education (CCE), University of Minnesota:

Program is currently in the second year running, two cohorts have completed the program thus far, third cohort finishing courses this week, there will be a graduation ceremony in March. Linda and Terri work closely with the CCE programming team


We can begin by asking questions and finding information on why the state decided to do this program, what was the selection criteria for individuals, what they hope the program will accomplish, what individual experiences were, what kinds of follow up activities make the program effective, how their lives have changed as a result of the program, how the current economic situation is impacting leadership at the state level and this program in particular, etc.

Linda and Terri have access to the people who crafted the program, instructors, cohort students, and probably some statewide leaders who championed the program.

Our result might recommend the components that are critical to assuring learning transfer to action and long-term change. From what we know, the cohorts go through the series of courses, but there is not much follow through after they are done. We could recommend moving from a program that is a one-time deal to continuous, ongoing learning that allows for further personal and professional development. Recommendations can include learning and engagement activities.

Hubert H. Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs