Altered Esthetics - Action Research Project Proposals

I'm very interested in working with folks from class on an action research project connected with the gallery or the local arts community. Some projects we had in mind are: establishing workshops, continuing engagement with the community, and accessibility. I'm very open (and the board is also open) to other projects as well.

About Altered Esthetics

Altered Esthetics is a non-profit community art gallery located in Northeast Minneapolis. We work to sustain the role of artists as a voice of society through our exhibits, events, services, workshops and programs.

Establishing Workshops

Action Research is needed before introducing a new workshop-schedule to make sure what is offered addresses and attends to the needs of the people served.

Group would interview artists and community members to find out information about workshops including - what types of workshops are wanted/needed - what types of delivery methods are wanted/needed(online, in person, etc) - desired scale/size of workshops - additional items to be determined

Past workshops have included: yoga for artists, safety for artists, life-casting, among others. Altered Esthetics needs to find out what, if any, needs should be addressed.

Within the time frame it would be possible to offer an initial set of smaller workshops, receive feedback, and use data to establish a final fall schedule.

Community Outreach

Though Altered Esthetics serves an international audience, a majority of those served by the organization are local and there are additional local needs to be addressed. Action Research is needed as the organization expands and grows their role within the community.

Engagement with the community is a critical component to Altered Esthetics' services. Though one of the goals of the organization is accessibility, as a young organization there are still members of the community that are unaware of the services and artistic resources that are offered.

The group would diagnose areas in the community that need to be addressed and establish a system or plan for contacting the community members. Throughout the process, the plan could be adjusted as needed for reaching specific groups. Evaluation would be based on changes in both guests and participants of exhibitions.


Though accessibility is a huge priority, Altered Esthetics' 100-year-old home is not yet ADA accessible. Research is needed to identify, structure, an implement a plan to make the building ADA accessible.


There are lots of different areas and aspects of the organization to which action research can be applied – and I'm interested in working with folks from class on anything from board management to development. If there is a specific area anybody wanted to focus on, I am open as is the organization.



I am interested in joining you on this research project. I think NE has so much potential and is definitely a great space to investigate AE's accessibility. Let talk more in class.

I am also interested in joining in on this project- I have worked for a non-profit, but never anything involving the local arts community. I think it sounds very interesting!

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