Altered Esthetics - Action Research Updates

Community Engagement at Altered Esthetics

Altered Esthetics needs to continue introducing our organization the community, further engaging members of the community with our services (as audience and/or participants.)

What will be useful strategically?
Considering stakeholder turnover, how will this tie to a theory of change?

Next steps
Review notes and resources
Select roles/participation
Consider desired outcomes, planning strategy and selecting processes accordingly
Invite stakeholders feedback and participation

Why this is important
The role of a nonprofit organization in the community is to "provide unique opportunities for individuals to combine their energy, talents and values for community improvement and enrichment. Nonprofits are obligated to understand their role as entities that engage and inspire individuals and communities for public benefit, and to conduct their activities with transparency, integrity and accountability." (Minnesota Council of Nonprofits- Principles and Practices of Nonprofit Excellence.)

Though Altered Esthetics is involved in various communities, there are still some in Northeast that do not know who we are and what we do. In order to properly fulfill our role in society, we need to continue identifying and connecting with people, groups, and organizations. An action research project will help us approach this problem purposefully and strategically.

(See extended entry for Snow Card notes)

Snow Card Session:
(grouped by categories that came out of the discussion)

Community Building/Engagement

Finding new ways to engage people through art
Formalizing Surveys
List of Organizations to introduce ourselves to
Identifying where artists want to connect
Sending out intro packets to organizations (email?)
Translation Resources?
Youtube introductory video

Stakeholders - Utilizing interns/board members/volunteers/artists
Fostering present relationships in organizations (these are current resources)
Developing methods for continuing past relationships

Possible Outcomes
Nurturing awareness of other organizations/arts organizations
Being a link – arts organization and arts advocacy
Diversifying Audience
Increasing NE Residents as audience and participants

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