Action Research: Introducing and engaging the Northeast MPLS community with Altered Esthetics

Team Members: Jamie, Janayah, Lindy, Nduka.

Criteria and Guiding Principles
Be time considerate
Be mission driven
Make sure the stakeholders are on board
Create a project/process that is effective/useful
Consider the budget of organization in planning
Be Creative!

We created a wiki page as a one-stop for our notes, docs, and timeline:
Ae Action Research Wiki
(We've set the permissions so anybody is able to view the Wiki)

Full notes from our last meeting can be viewed in the extended entry - see below.



Ae Action Research

Next steps (Notes from last meeting)
Review notes and resources
Select roles/participation
Consider desired outcomes, planning strategy and selecting processes accordingly
Invite stakeholders feedback and participation

Janayah will help with the form
Jamie will help facilitate/lead the group and interactions w/ Ae
Every body will contribute to research/action

Group will hopefully meet in class, before class as necessary. - Group will meet weekly 5:45.

Main Goal
Increase awareness of Ae and Services NE.

Initial Timeline
Form for human contact complete

Next meeting – firm up timeline based on ideas
Rough goal for letters – out by Mid March

Have project largely done – by mid April so we can have info/research needed complete for individual papers

Paper Due – May 5th

Next Steps/Action Items
Janayah – will research form -what info we need, how to submit, etc
Everybody to come to the table next week w/ ideas for process
Jamie to send out list of orgs
Jamie to prepare mini “intro” for next meeting
Jamie to create a list of current resources available through the org
Everybody to think about researching other organizations (what they've done)
Jamie to create wiki page and google docs for tracking
Jamie to send group “about Ae” newsletter

Things to think about or be aware of
Possible Resources (Jamie will start a list)
Areas/orgs to approach in NE (For example, 13 various neighborhoods, bars, churches, etc.)
Possible Methods/Tools to reach our goal
Possible outcomes – what are types of ways that the organizations/people will respond.

Criteria (from class)
Time considerate
Mission Driven
Stakeholders are on board
Project is effective/useful
Consider budget of organization in planning

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