Altered Esthetics - Action Research Updates

Our group is in the process of conducting our outreach. We've set up the framework and have extended physical and virtual "invitations" The next step will be making direct connections, following up , and monitoring the progress.

For notes/agendas please see the extended entry.

From Timeline: Week of March 17
- Finalize landing page
- Mail letters/email newsletter
- Write script for contacting folks after the letter is sent

Ae Action Research Meeting


Janayah discusses IRB process briefly
Group discusses potential stakeholder survey
Notes to send draft to Dr. Crosby before sending

Finalize landing page
Group reviews “welcome” landing page

Mail letters/email newsletter
Group checks and sends letters for outreach
Discusses new additions/letters needed
Reviews e-contact version of letter

Write script for contacting folks after the letter is sent
Calls to be made week of March 24.
Janayah to start draft of letter

Action Research Project Presentation
Group begins to discuss presentation
Note to ask Dr. Crosby about presentation specifics/guidelines

Outreach progress
Jamie notes about board/intern participation, online networking so far

Next Meeting
Tuesday March 24, 5:45pm (Before class)

Agenda for next meeting
Discuss script for calling
Call/email those we sent letters to – touch points
Collect/track contacts as they are made
Discuss presentation
Revisit goals/participation needs/wants

Hubert H. Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs