Altered Esthetics - Action Research Updates

Hello class,

Our group is in now in the process of making direct connections - following up and contacting the individual folks we sent letters to. As we go through, we'll be monitoring the progress and making notes of what works/doesn't work in particular. We also began to discuss our class participation and what we'll do during our time with everybody.

For notes/agendas please see the extended entry.

Week of March 24 Reviewing script written for contacting folks after the letter is sent Call/email those we sent letters to – touch points Collect/track contacts as they are made Discuss presentation

Ae Action Research Meeting 2009-03-24

Agenda Group reviewed week's progress

Script for Calling Group to call/email/contact Thurs and Fri Jamie to take 1st 18 on the list, Lindy to take 2nd 18, Janayah to take 3rd 18. Jamie to make sure document for tracking is shared

Class Participation Group to distribute class letters Jamie to post a link on blog for info/feedback

Survey for stakeholders Nduka to start a draft of the survey for stakeholders.

Presentation - Discussion Video possibility from past discussions Group to bring brainstorming ideas to the next pre-class meeting

Next Meeting Tuesday March 31, 5:45pm (Before class)

Agenda for next meeting Continue contacting organizations Discuss next steps Discuss process and what worked, what didn't Outline presentation/Brainstorming thoughts

Hubert H. Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs