Altered Esthetics - Class Participation in Outreach Project

Good morning class!

If you've been following our notes and updates, you know that we are conducting an outreach project for Altered Esthetics, one that will serve as a stronger stepping stone for future outreach and communications for the organization.

Since the class has been giving such thoughtful feedback on the blog and in class so far, we thought it only made sense to invite you to participate in this process. We're conducting both electronic and paper-based outreach, which you saw from the letters last night. We sent letters to various organizations with the community, introducing ourselves to them and inviting them to participate in what we do.

If anybody is willing to share, we would very much appreciate your feedback, thoughts, constructive-criticisms, etc on the letter we sent, and/or your personal reaction to it. You can do so on the blog here or by emailing any one of us.

Have a great week!

~ Jamie, Janayah, Lindy, and Nduka.

Hubert H. Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs