Midsemester evaluation Question 3

What suggestions do you have for improvements for remainder of course?


I would like to learn more about leadership styles in other cultures.

Although we've touched on this, I would like to spend time on determining what type of leader we want to be and how to get there from where we are. For example, based on our strengths and personality types what style of leadership are we best suited for and does that match our own vision of leadership.

Though I do enjoy letting our conversations fully evolve “in the moment”, I think more consideration to time might be useful just so we can get through everything on the agendas for class time. Maybe we could start having a “continued conversations” page on the blog or return to lively discussions there?
I would also be interested in hearing Dr. Crosby talk a little bit about leadership in a classroom setting, and how she has come to her current methods of teaching. Though what I teach is a little bit different and hands-on by default, I like the engaging academic class dynamic and would be interested in hearing more about this. She has mentioned on several occasions that our class is benefiting to being the second class, I'd like to hear about what were some of the challenges the last class had. Maybe we could see a blog post about this?

I've noticed that student presenters of the readings tend to be running out of time more frequently than they were in the first few weeks. I suppose this is typical as the class progresses, yet I feel badly when students are working so hard to engage the rest of us and are limited by the almighty and unforgiving clock.

Since it is critical to the big-picture to follow the agenda, having an additional option might be nice. I think Jamie had a great recommendation for a "continuing conversations" page on the blog. Maybe there's a way to incorporate the presenters' in-class scenarios, powerpoints, or videos as part of the blog.

I agree with the same points that Jamie made. The student presentations have gotten to be a bit long cutting our time into working on Action Research Projects and hearing from Dr. Crosby.
I do believe that the student reading presentations are important. They do provide a platform that allows others to be heard and discuss the details of the reading further with our diverse classmates. However, I do think this time can be cut with the option of continued conversation on the blog.
I would also really like to see some sharing or reflection of the reflection activities at the end of the Kouzes and Posner chapters. It would be great to see the impact the readings have had on others in regards to the K&P readings and really giving us more opportunity to put theory and discussion into practice.

Like Pat, I would like to find out more about what kind of leaders we are, and how we can get from where we are now, to where we could potentially end up. I think we have learned a lot of important steps to being a great leader, I would just like to learn more about how to actually implement the steps. Sometimes I worry that it is easier said than done.

Also, we have focused mainly on leadership in organizations and corporations, with limited discussions on political leadership. We have just had a huge change in our national leadership (Bush to Obama!), and I would love the opportunity to discuss this, and the impact that it is having on our country and the rest of the world.

I would like to hear from “real” leaders from the public or private sector, about their approaches to leadership. Whether this was in the form of videos, live appearances, or even case studies, I think it would be beneficial to spend more time talking about true-to-life situations.

As others have mentioned, I would also be very interested in learning about my personal leadership style based on personality traits such as a Myers-Briggs eval or something similar. We wouldn’t have to take up class time doing it, but if we could have access to a free eval and the results, I would be very excited about that. Maybe even take an evaluation at the beginning of the course and the end to recognize development that occurred throughout.

Also, I would like some ideas on how to make the move to a management role within an organization. I feel like I am doing all of the right things “on paper,” but don’t know how to get to the next level. My manager told me that what I need is “not more classes, but hands-on experience.” I’m not sure how to get that kind of experience without being given the chance to manage.

I like the fact that our classroom discussions are allowed to flourish; in other courses, the class discussions often get cut off just as they start to get really interesting. I’m happy that there’s a little room for spontaneous discussion in our class/evening agendas.

I would like to have more time in the student presentations for discussion. It seems there is often very good discussion, but we do not have enough time to get all of the questions answered. It would be interesting to have a few guest speakers come in and talk about therir expereinces creating change in their organizations.

I would like to have more time in the student presentations for discussion. It seems there is often very good discussion, but we do not have enough time to get all of the questions answered. I would also like to learn how we can become better leaders.

I agree that I would like to hear more from real life leaders that have stories to share with us. I enjoyed our one speaker about the corner house and really got a lot out of hearing from her. I think having real stories really makes the content relevant and more excessible.

I would also like to learn more about leadership styles in other cultures. This would really present a basis to compare leadership styles in the U.S. to those of other countries/cultures. It would also be nice to invite guest speakers in leadership positions to come and make presentations in class. This is probably late for this class,but just to keep it in mind when next this class is offered.

I would like to hear about the specific challenges to leaders in cultural organizations, Cultural Wellness Center, Casa de Esperanza, Leadership Paradigms, etc. Are there any unique issues that arise or is leadership leadership no matter what? I would also like to hear more about exceptional leadership during difficult economic times - how do you not "waste a crisis" and get creative and remain relevant during a time when resources are shrinking?

I also am interested in hearing from successful leaders, more specifically from a small business standpoint. What challenges do they face? We haven't really talked about personality conflicts in a leadership role. Do personality conflicts exist? I know I experienced my share of personality conflicts.

I am also concerned about time management. Our group has begun meeting at 5:30 before class to discuss our action plan and we still seem to run out of time. I enjoy the class discussions, but right when the conversations begin taking off we need to stop and go on to something else. I wish we could find a happy medium.

I would like less readings. In my opinion I feel like there are too learning many tools and not enough depth in a particular framework, i.e. the blog, the readings, handouts, deadlines. I find it challenging to focus on the critical items necessary for my leadership, change and innovation exercise within the alloted time. Thank you! ;o)

I would concur that it would be very interesting to have additional guest speakers come in and share experiences from both the public and private sector. The experiences in both sectors may prove to be quite different or similar based on the environment. It would also be interesting to have more small group discussions or breakouts. In each of these it would be good to have a focused topic and then return to the large group and report out. Finally, as has been said it would be good to have additional time to meet as a group.

I agree with previous comments regarding the presentation and blogs—if we are using the blog effectively for discussion then less time needs to be spent on presentations and discussion resulting in more time available for Barbara’s expertise and discussion that would generate. I, too, am looking for more in regards to cultural aspects and real life experiences of leaders and ethical dilemmas in leadership. I also would be interested in more information/discussion of political leadership. And, finally, we really need more in-class time than we have actually had for action project work. Everyone has many responsibilities outside of class, and to lose this time for over-runs on other agenda items is a detriment to our project.

I agree with Katie, more time to discuss the readings would be quite useful. Often we run out of time and must move on just as the discussion gets going. Perhaps we could keep the reading list the same and break them all down each class, but have the discussion leaders concentrate on one reading. They could each take a different approach or portion of the reading and lead the discussion as a group with each member having to contribute to the classroom conversation.

As others have stated, there is always so much great discussion about the readings and other relevant material, but it feels like we are constantly running out of time and rush to get the last few items in before the end of class. I don’t know what the solution for this would be, as my first thought was to not put so much into each class period, however it seems like if we took anything out, we would be missing important readings/discussions. Being more conscious of the time schedule made for the class does not seem like a good solution either, as good discussion/ideas could be lost if the discussion is cut before the natural finish.

I also agree with Lorna and Peju and am a little concerned about working on the final paper along with the action research project, and other class readings/material. I think a little more in-class time to address these items would be helpful.

I would like a clarification. Is the 15-page working paper documenting action research in addition to the action research project or is it the same thing? I thought it was one final project and not two separate assignments. Please correct me if I am wrong or clarify for the class....

I would like to encourage those individuals assigned with the reflections to be as creative as possible in delivering the material to class. It makes for a much more interesting presentation, a clearer understanding of the material and a rich discussion to follow.

I'm not sure how I missed this part of the blog! Sorry to all for my late entry.

I have really appreciated the opportunity to put into practice many of the suggestions for being an effective and inspiring leader. I feel lucky to have current situations that allow me to try out new techniques and figure out what I am doing wrong. One thing that would be interesting to me would be to create or take a 'leadership inventory,' or some way for me to figure out my strengths and weaknesses throughout the course. I'm doing my best to monitor my own personal progress, but I think it would be interesting to put together a comprehensive list of theories from the course and see how views/practices have changed throughout these months.

Also, I have appreciated the student presentations. I enjoy the small group discussions; it's very interesting to hear the unique interpretations of the readings.

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