Altered Esthetics - Action Research Updates

Hello class,

We have two sets of updates/notes for you this week. Exciting!

Last week we met, discussed “connecting the connections” that we made, and we also continued to work on our presentation. We talked about change, best practices and agreed to think about “what worked and what didn’t” in preparation for the following week.

Over the weekend we compiled some of the information from our Stakeholder survey so we could begin making observations about that. We received a very good response from our stakeholders and the data was helpful so that was fun to share with each other.

This week when we met we continued to discuss our presentation. We also talked about what worked throughout the process and what didn’t, began to discuss some of the final numbers and started to make some of our notes for the future. 
Next week we plan to wrap up final numbers, our presentation, and help each other with our individual projects as is appropriate/needed.

We also have two invitations to extend to you - also exciting!

1) Altered Esthetics is turning 5 this month, and we’re having a celebration in conjunction with our annual spring fundraiser this Friday, April 17. The celebration will include music, games, a wood-themed art exhibit, etc. It is free to attend and it would be a fun opportunity for everybody to see in person what this is all about. You can find more about the specific event at

2) Just a reminder of what Nduka noted in class - we value your feedback to this process and invite you to give us your impressions or thoughts on what we’ve been doing.

Thanks - and have a good week! ~Nduka, Lindy, Janayah and Jamie.

P.S. For notes/agendas please view the extended entry.

Agenda 2009-04-07

Week of: April 7
Connect “connections” with other people in the organization specifically
Write outline of what we did for future use
Work on presentation

??? Big mystery!!!

Next week
Discuss final numbers
Discuss process/connections made
Evaluate what worked, what didn't
Evaluate process overall and group to write notes for “next time.”
Finalize Presentation

Evolution - outreach, laid foundation to next step.
Best practices moving forward.
Successful practices moving.
Those who come after, there’s something to keep moving it forward.

Action Items
Jamie to start spreadsheet to compile who we contacted
Jamie, Janayah, Lindy to add contacts and contacts made to spreadsheet made.
Nduka to put together the notes and steps of what we did
Jamie to take notes and put together rough skeleton for presentation
Everybody to think of “what worked, what didn’t, what we learned” etc.

Agenda for next week
Discuss final numbers
Discuss process/connections made
Evaluate what worked, what didn't
Evaluate process overall and group to write notes for “next time.”
Finalize Presentation
Group to review Presentation


Discuss final numbers
Everybody will have final items entered into googledocs this week.
Jamie to compile data and send out numbers to group.

Discuss process/connections made Evaluate what worked, what didn't

What worked:

Little Cards worked
Face to Face worked!!!
Direct connections were most successful (following up with phone calls)

Stakeholder survey
Facebook and linkedin were successful (extension of direct connections)
Having a timeline and keeping up on it.
Guiding criteria helped
Meeting in the space was helpful
An engaged team was helpful
Vision and leadership was helpful
Wiki was moderately helpful (will be especially for future outreach)
Google docs was a helpful way to share information
Having time in class was helpful

What Didn’t?
It was a very short time frame!
Notes to class were less successful - only one response, no blog response
Adding a person or two from the organization to meetings, time willing

Evaluate process overall and group to write notes for next time.
Way we could help other organizations - partnerships in their
Future lists - pre-screening or a more accurate list/integrity of the list

Finalize Presentation
Jamie to send another draft of X to group

Action Items
Group to review X
Jamie to finish/revise X
Janayah and Lindy to put information in google docs
Lindy to finish X
Lindy to pick X
Jamie to download X

Next Week’s Agenda
Week of: April 21
Help each other proofing individual papers
Review and finalize presentation

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