September 21, 2006

Life goes on

Over a year? I have neglected the blog for over a year?

And now so much has happened in the last few weeks, that I feel compelled to write again.

Life has been "interesting" I suppose. In August, just as we were planning to head out on vacation, Katie went to the doctor. She hadn't felt right for a couple of weeks, and when they discovered a growth, the doctor wanted a CAT scan. This was Thursday, August 17th. We canceled our week at the cabin, saw the surgeon on Monday, and scheduled surgery on that Thursday. They were able to get out most of the growth, on her ovary, and much else; and she is now recovering at home.
Katie's doctors diagnosed her as having an adenocarcinoma of the appendix. This is fairly rare, fairly mild as cancer's go, though by no means something she could live with inside her. Her cancer was discovered at stage one, and becasue it started in her appendix, they are calling it low-grade.
Unfortunately, they only got between 95-99% of the cells in the first operation. I suppose it is good that they got so much of it, but the remaining cells can still regrow and spread.
So now we are looking at another operation, on October 2nd, during which they will both remove any remaining visible growths, and apply heated chemotherapy directly to her abdominal cavity and organs. It is supposed to be a very effective method of chemo, though not without side affects.
I'll keep writing this later.

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