March 1, 2005

The Book of Sand

The Book of Sand: A Hypertext/Puzzle by Jorge Luis Borges
"This web site contains, in eight randomly numbered pages, the text of Jorge Luis Borges' story The Book of Sand (as translated by Norman Thomas di Giovanni), with pictures and animations based on old engravings and photographs. It is, I hope, an intriguing presentation of one of Borges' lesser-known works. But it also offers a unique opportunity for readers to interact with the story. The Book of Sand site is a hypertext, with a nonlinear structure and dynamic images....not one of his most famous fictions, but its central enigma may be Borges' most directly prescient metaphor for the Web: its pages are uncountable, ever-changing, without beginning or end."

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February 18, 2005

Boundary Institute

boundary_inst.jpgBoundary Institute
"The Boundary Institute is a nonprofit scientific research organization dedicated to the advancement of 21st-Century science. Our research activities include the development and exploration of new approaches in physics and mathematics, testing of new theory by experiment, and investigations of certain anomalous phenomena. . . . We like to say "This is not your father's ESP research"."

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The Global Consciousness Project

global_consc.jpgThe Global Consciousness Project by Roger Nelson
"We experience the world with beautiful immediacy, and with a quality of direct participation that seems completely natural. And yet it is quite magical. We take meaning from music, we know our loved ones from afar, and we leap in thought to the stars. Sometimes we sense that we have dissolved ourselves into a group or a larger whole. And we always have prayed as if it mattered. The mind's reach remains a mystery in scientific terms, but research on the extraordinary range of consciousness indicates that we may have direct communication links with each other, and that our intentions can have effects in the world despite physical barriers and separations. We are compelled by good evidence to accept correlations that we cannot yet explain. It appears that consciousness may sometimes produce something that resembles, at least metaphorically, a nonlocal field of meaningful information."

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