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Professor Phil Portoghese has been awarded $2.7 million dollars over the next five years from the National Institute on Drug Abuse for his research on "Ligands that target opioid-chemokine and opioid-mGluR5 heteromers."

Journal of Medicinal Chemistry Editor-in-Chief changes

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After forty years of service as the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, Professor Philip S. Portoghese stepped down at the end of 2011 to devote full time to research. Professor Gunda Georg is one of two new Co-Editors-in-Chief, with Dr. Shaomeng Wang at University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center. J Med Chem is the most-cited journal in Medicinal Chemistry and ranked as the top primary research journal in impact in its category.

Two department members were awarded Engebretson Drug Design and Development grants: Rory Remmel, Distinguished Teaching Professor, for his "Meropenem prodrugs for treatment of tuberculosis" project, and Michael Walters, ITDD Director of Lead and Probe Discovery, for his "Enhancers of dihydrolipoamide dehydrogenase stability and function."

Dr. Stephen Hecht - 2012 Joseph Cullen Memorial Award

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Professor Stephen Hecht was the selected recipient of the 2012 Joseph W. Cullen Memorial Award for excellence in tobacco research, selected from a group of distinguished scholars considered by members of the American Society of Prevention Oncology (ASPO).

Elizabeth Amin, Assistant Professor, was awarded the American Chemical Society Hewlett-Packard Outstanding Junior Faculty Award for 2011.

Mar 2 - 4 Recruitment Weekend

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Invited graduate students from across the US are welcomed by Med Chem faculty, students, and staff to learn more about our graduate program.

John Hong - ACS Award & MEDI Poster Presentations

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Graduate student Kwon Ho (John) Hong from Professor Gunda Georg's lab won a travel award from the American Chemical Society Medicinal Chemistry (MEDI) Division to attend the ACS meeting in Denver. His poster was selected by the MEDI Division to be presented twice, during the regularly scheduled poster session and then to represent the MEDI Division during the SciMix Poster session.

Grad student Susith Wickramaratne from Professor Natalia Tretyakova's lab has won both the ACS Division of Chemical Toxicology travel award and second place for the best poster award at the national meeting in Denver. His poster title was "Synthesis and biological evaluation of site-specific DNA lesions of 1,3-butadiene."

Dan Wang - American Heart Association Award

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Graduate student Dan Wang from Assistant Professor Dan Harki's lab received a $52,000 American Heart Association predoctoral fellowship for her study "Elucidating the cellular targets of parthenolide - A promising anti-atherosclerosis natural product."

Graduate students Maggie Olson from Assistant Professor Dan Harki's lab and Xia Zhang in Professor Elizabeth Amin's lab received 2011 Bighley Fellowship awards. 10/3/11

Dr. Tom Shier - Grant-in-Aid of Research

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Professor Tom Shier received a Grant-in-Aid of Research, Artistry, and Scholarship for his project "Toll-like receptor 7 agonists for treatment of solid tumors." Professor David Ferguson and Med School Professor John Ohlfest are co-investigators. 12/15/11

Drs. Gunda Georg & Vadim Gurvich - NCI Grant

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ITDD DIrector Gunda Georg and Associate Director Vadim Gurvich are co-investigators on a $247,267 NCI grant for "Polymeric Nanoparticles for Tumor Targeted Delivery of Tylocrebrine." Associate Professor Jayanth Panyam, Pharmaceutics, is a the primary investigator. 10/3/11

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