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Drs. Gunda Georg & Vadim Gurvich - Minnelide research

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The October 17 issue of Science Translational Medicine features the latest results of Institute for Therapeutics Discovery & Development faculty in the article "A Preclinical Evaluation of Minnelide as a Therapeutic Agent Against Pancreatic Cancer." ITDD directors Gunda Georg and Vadim Gurvich are working with other University of Minnesota researchers to develop Minnelide, a new drug to treat pancreatic cancer.

Dr. Chengguo Xing - HealthTalk story

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Chengguo (Chris) Xing, Associate Professor, was quoted in the September 10 Academic Health Center HealthTalk story "Can kava help without harming? A look at potential chemoprevention with a price."

Dr. Rory Remmel - NIH/NINDS Co-Investigator

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Professor Rory Remmel is a co-investigator with Angela Birnbaum and Dick Brundage on Dr. Birnbaum's $1.9 million grant from NIH/NINDS for the project "Maternal Outcomes and Neurodevelopmental Effects of Antiepileptic Drugs."

Dr. Chengguo Xing - RO1 Grant

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Dr. Chengguo (Chris) Xing, Associate Professor, received a five-year $1,531,400 RO1 grant for his research into "Mechanisms of Anticancer Agents Selective against Drug Resistant Leukemia." Professor Rory Remmel is one of several other investigators on the project.

Dr. David Ferguson - HealthTalk story

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Professor David Ferguson was quoted in the August 21 Academic Health Center HealthTalk story "The Danger of Molly and Friends."

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