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With the merging of CRSS students and Circulation students, we thought it would be appropriate to create a new blog that reflects this change.

That being said, after today Everything is better with... will cease to be updated. Your all-new source of information and contact with Circulation, Reserve and Stack Services will be at: Be sure to change your bookmarks!

Your Feedback Needed


Hello Everyone,
I would like to get your feedback on the shelving system.

How do you feel it's going, especially since we've omitted final sorting into the process? Do you find yourself spending time sorting things?

I would like all students to participate.

Please leave feedback with your name attached as a comment here. Please feel free to be honest, but remember that I can do more with constructive feedback: if you don't like something, please suggest what can make it better.

If you have something that you would like to add that you would like to be anonymous, please leave it on the Student Feedback post.


Annex, Ames, and East Asian openings, and closings

The East Asian library will now close at 4pm on Fridays. Monday through Friday starting Monday, July 20th through the end of the Summer, the Ames library, and the East Asian library should be opened, and closed at the same time as the Annex.

Thank you

A small change to opening, and closing the Annex

This week, starting Monday, July 13th we are opening the East Asian Library at the same time as we open the Annex. Monday through Thursday we will close the East Asian, and the Ames libraries at the same time as we close the Annex. This change will be in effect until the end of the Summer.

It All Adds Up!

Hello Everyone,
The Libraries is joining the University in generating ideas for going green.

An interesting website to visit to learn more about it is:

Let me know if you have any questions. If you have any ideas on what the Unit can do to help the Libraries go green, please share!


Walden University Visit

Hello Everyone!

Just a heads up-

Students and faculty from Walden University Summer Residency program will be on campus from July 12th-July 24th. So prepare for a possible increase of questions in the stacks, at the desks, and an increase number of pages . Also, remember to keep your eye out and offer assistance to confused or lost looking patrons.

WOW Award for June


It is time once again to announce the Wow Award recipient. The Wow Award is given out every other month to a student in CRSS who stands out to the supervisors because of their dedication, initiative or simply because they did something great.

This time the recipient is a student that many of you may not have contact with on a daily basis. She does a lot of behind the scenes work for CRSS, including helping to put materials on electronic Reserve. June's recipient of the Wow Award is Megann.

Megann has been helping this past month with a huge variety of projects not normally on her schedule: the endcap project (which she was fabulous with), shelving, helping in the book return, assisting at the main circulation desk, helping clear the traditional reserve materials, and now this unwieldy collection measuring project. All in addition to keeping up with her regular duties.

Congratulations Megann.



Shelving Slips

In the Annex office near the aprons, is a poster that highlights important information about the shelving slips.
Please stop and take a look at this information and if any of the information doesn't make sense to you, ask.

We need to make sure that everyone is consistent in how they fill out the slips.

After you have seen the poster and read the information, post a comment so we know that you've done it.

New Shelving System

Hello Everyone,

As you all know, there is a new shelving system in town. The great news is that we are on top of the shelving...which is absolutely fantastic, and unheard of, for the start of finals week!

Of course, the system is still rough around the edges, and we are working on refining all the processes below. Hopefully some of this information will help.

1. Empty trucks should be left in the work areas on 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors for now unless you are directed otherwise. Empties should not go on 1st floor by the elevator.
2. If you finish your truck and have a little time left, but not enough time to go get more books, please shelve anything that is out on the shelving near the computers (pick up). Record those items on the pick up sheet in the back. You could also do maintenance. The most important thing is to tell us what you did and what you got done when you get back to the office. If we're not there, leave one of us a note.
3. If you have a partial truck at the end of the hour, leave it in the stack work area, and tell a supervisor when you return to the office. If a supervisor isn't around, leave a note telling them which floor the partial is on, or if there is anyone scheduled to shelve next, tell them.
4. If you have multiple people shelving, it is okay to take trucks for different areas. Just remember to keep trucks in the large aisles so that we can find you if we need to.

Thank you everyone, and great job!

Congratulations on Great Customer Service!

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April was customer service month. As part of this, secret shoppers
were sent to the libraries on campus to look for specific customer
service qualities in the library staff. Four of our student workers
who were secret shopped demonstrated these qualities and received
excellent customer service awards. Great job! Keep up the good work!


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