Newspaper shelving counts


On shelving statistics in the last week or so, there are a few times that "newspaper" shelving has been very high (between 30-40 papers recorded per day). Could those of you who shelved this many print newspapers please respond just to confirm this is accurate. (Note: I'm talking about shelving, not newspaper processing, statistics)

I'm thinking that these numbers really represent newspaper microfilm reels, not actual print papers shelved. I could totally be wrong. If you shelved on July 12, 13, 17 or 18 please respond about this or just talk to me. Thanks!

By the way, CONGRATULATIONS to the entire unit for excellent stats keeping. Everyone is recording their numbers consistently, which I really appreciate. This has really improved over the past few months. These stats are actually used to make very important decisions in the Library, like what areas get more money to develop their collections. Thanks for doing such a great job.


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