Reporting Computer Problems


Procedures for Reporting Aleph, SFX (FindIt), and Metalib (OneSearch) Problems [7/21/06]

Definitions of Critical Problems

- Aleph: Critical Aleph problems are those that prevent all searching and/or display of results in the catalog.
- SFX (Find It): Critical SFX problems are those that prevent display of the SFX FindIt menu or linking to all SFX-enabled resources (like eJournals or indexes).
- Metalib (OneSearch): Critical Metalib problems are those that prevent connection to any Metalib resource.

When full-time staff are in: Report problem to full-time staff.

When full-time staff have left for the day:
1) Call Wilson Circulation staff at 612 624-3321 to report critical problems. Provide as many details as possible. The text of error messages is especially helpful.
2) Give circulation staff the following email addresses for follow-up: and
3) Circulation will contact computer staff, who resolve the problem and keep library staff informed via e-mail.

Procedures for Reporting All Other Computer Problems (not critical):
1) Always report to full-time staff. If we are gone, leave detailed description with your name and patron information if applicable on our desk or email to
2) If assisting a patron, offer them the option to fill out the Technical Assistance Form. It's best for the patron to complete the form, not us, since they have most complete information about the problem. This form is appropriate when patrons (or you) encounter these types of issues:
* Do you need help logging on to indexes, electronic journals, or other full text resources?
* Are you having problems with library forms?
* Are you having technical problems with MNCAT or other library resources?

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