no more fiche, hooray!


At long last, the announcement we’ve all been waiting for! Tirelessly writing the same number a kajillion times only to get a new number, and write that a kazillion times, then stuffing envelopes contributing to carpal tunnel syndrome and general zombification… is over! That’s right, the microfiche transfer from envelopes with film damaging stickers to acid- and sticker-free envelopes is complete! This project started in 2003 (yikes!) until just this past week, when the last stickered envelopes, hiding in plastic boxes, were discovered by Brandon, who wrestled them to the floor and ripped them to shreds. Maggie and Jacey then rescued the fiche from the rubble, branded new envelopes, and delivered the shaken but safe fiche to new homes.

A huge thanks to everyone who worked on this project. We appreciate all your hard work—even and especially when the hard work is incredibly easy but also incredibly tedious and seemingly unending. You’re the best.


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