UniPrint Down : Options for MF Scanner Printing

Uniprint will be down Wednesday August 23 and available sporadically Thursday – Friday, August 24-25.


Plan A: For library users using the microform scanners, you can offer options & alternatives to printing:
• Email images
• Burn to CD or DVD
• Save to flashdrive

Plan B: If these alternatives do not work for the patron, refer them to full-time staff. If the print job is an appropriate size, we may decide to print it for them (they can email the images to us and we can print on the office printers).

Plan C: If full-time staff are not available, refer the patron to Copy Services. They should see "Barb" or "Mark" there -- not one of the desk workers. Walk with the patron to Copy Services if possible.

NOTE: Options above are not available for patrons printing from regular computers. This is only for those using microform scanners.


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