St. Paul Pioneer Press


We have not received the St. Paul Pioneer Press since October 21, 2006.

We are having problems with the vendor who has normally sends us this newspaper. Until this problem is resolved, issues since October 21to the present are not available to Library users.

What if someone needs the St. Paul Pioneer Press?
1) Online database. Users can access this newspaper electronically through an online database. It is updated weekly so may not have the past few issues. Search for "St. Paul Pioneer Press" in MNCat Journals Catalog or e-Journals to access it electronically.
2) Pioneer Press website. Go to (the St. Paul Pioneer Press website) to access the paper. This does include today's and the most recent issues. After viewing a few articles, users are prompted to "become a member," which is free.
3) Paper copies at Magrath. Magrath Library (St. Paul Campus) is currently receiving this paper, and they keep the paper copy for the last four weeks. However, they have recently had problems with issues going missing or being vandalized, so call ahead(4-2233) to make sure what the patron needs is actually there.

NOTE: The Journalism Library has not received the St. Paul Pioneer Press since October 20. MNCat says that Journalism Library has the paper for the last 10 days, but this is not true at this time. Do not send patrons to the Journalism Library to get this paper.


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