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Where have you gone?

I am curious what everyone is up to...

How has the break been for you?
What are your plans?
Do you want school to start again, or are you (like me) saying, "Not yet...I'm still digesting that last helping." :)
Which movie (if any) are you most interested in seeing over break?

Post at your leisure!

Augustine said, "The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page."

Yay no school!

Hello wilson library staff! As a student, I am looking forward to no class for a month and being able to focus 100% of my energy on work, haha. I guess that this is the first ever student posted blog, so that's cool. At the moment, I am unable to think of concrete or even interesting blog subject matter, so all apologies. Random inquiry; I am wondering what everyone's favorite type of holiday cookie is. I myself am a fan of the spritz (I think that is what it's called) cookie. well, have a great day at the library and an excellent winter break!


Police called to Wilson (3rd Floor)

Yesterday, 12/19, there was an incident on the 3rd floor of Wilson Library. A U of MN student confronted a group of individuals who were talking loudly and making studying difficult. The interaction became disruptive and Libraries staff called the Campus police, who arrived very quickly. The police separated the conflicting parties. As a result of the police investigation, they trespassed the individuals (who were still on site) in the group, barring them from all West Bank buildings. Library administration has been in touch with the U of MN student. I went to the scene of the incident, spoke with police, observers, staff, and the student, and continue to follow-up with the police.

Complimentary CD


User named Maria may come to the desk requesting a complimentary CD to use with the microfilm scanners.

As you know, this is NOT a typical service we provide.

However, this is a special situation. Provide your very very best customer service and get a full-time staff member to help. If no one is around, you may get a CD from the cabinet behind Elena's desk and simply give it to the patron. She may also need some help using the microfilm scanners.


Incident Reports

We have incidents reports this week from Walter, Wilson, and Health Sciences.

On 12/10, a Sci/Eng librarian reported encountering a student in the Walter Building on a Sunday morning before the building was open to the public. The student was not willing to leave the building until the librarian reminded the student that building security staff would soon be reporting for duty. The student left the building and the librarian made sure the doors were locked.

On 12/11, an individual ran out the basement exit after it was closed, setting off an alarm. A witness said the individual appeared to be waiting for staff to leave the exit area before the exit was breached. Security monitors were notified.

On 12/13, on a tour of the Diehl Hall library, a fire door was found unlocked. Staff locked the door and planned to speak to facilities staff about procedures for securing fire doors.

Thanks to all who used the incident report system and to all of you who have offered comments and suggestions. The next digest will appear on January 2, 2007.

Reminder: Use the incident report form at Report these types of problems to the security monitor and your supervisor. Call 911 for criminal behavior. Never endanger your personal safety.

Month of Kindness Food Drive

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Customer Service Pictures in Wilson 003.jpg

The food drive for the U's Month of Kindness has wrapped up. Thanks to everyone who made this such a success. We collected 62 food items and $28 to donate to Open Arms of Minnesota.

Happy holidays one and all!

Spring semester schedule.

I have received schedules from most of you outlining your Spring semester schedules - thank you! If anything changes (dropping/adding classes, etc.), make sure to let me know asap.

For those of you who have not yet submitted your Spring Semester information: I need to receive the availability grid no later than the end of this week, Friday Dec 15.

Printed copies are available at the Reserve desk, and it's been emailed to you.

If your academic schedule is not firmed up by this Friday, please talk to me about it.

Scheduling through finals

ONE MORE REMINDER.... THIS IS A re-POST of the Important Scheduling Reminder!!! posted to the blog last Thursday.


Reminder: The fall semester schedule will continue during finals week through Dec. 20.

If you can't work a regularly scheduled shift during finals week, start looking for a sub and notify Margaret asap.

This is especially relevant if you are leaving campus before Dec. 20.

Please, double check your schedule and tell Margaret if you have conflicts with your work hours asap. Thanks!

New Trivia Question

On Jan. 8th, the heavily favored Ohio State Buckeyes football team will compete for the National Championship against the Florida Gators. Ohio State is also ranked very high in the basketball polls and is only getting better, while Florida is the Preseason #1 and defending champions for basketball. The question is, assuming that Ohio State OR Florida wins BOTH the Division 1-A Football National Championship, and Division 1-A Basketball National Championship, when was the last time a school did this?

Submit your answer to Margaret by this Friday, Dec 15.

Storage Media at the Copy Center

A lesser known fact (or maybe I am the last to learn this): the copy center sells formatted computer disks as well as CD-Rs. So when patrons using the MicroFilm Scanners need an alternative to printing, e-mailing, and saving to a flash drive, they can purchase these disks and CD-Rs at the Copy Center!

NOTE FROM MARGARET: CD-R's are the best option, as computer disks (3 1/2" floppy) do not have enough storage space for what most patrons need for scanning microfilm/fiche. In fact, I have never seen a patron be able to successfully save to a floppy disk because there just isn't enough room for the large scanned files.

More fines

Question: What if full-time staff isn't around and there is a fines issue with a patron...I don't want to let anyone off the hook?

-- Determine if it is a reserve or periodical fine OR a regular collection fine.
-- For any reserve or periodical fines to be negotiated, take the patron's information (& phone number) and leave this on Margaret's desk (include YOUR name & the date on note). We will contact the patron the next business day to negotiate the fine.
-- For res/per fines, also give the patron Jerrie's card and circle the MAIN NUMBER for the unit (NOT her direct line) as the place they can call M - F about per/res fines.
-- For other types of fines (not reserve/per), refer them to Borrowing Privileges and Fines upstairs. In some situations, it's helpful to refer to a specific person - in this case it's Matt Bowers, head of BP&F.
-- On weekends, refer all fines questions to student supervisors. They can make a decision about overriding the fine in order to check something out or not.
-- Any time a student employee (including supervisors) overrides a fine, leave a note on Margaret's desk with your name, date and patron information to tell us that an override was done for that patron (include YOUR name & the date on note).

All students must comment that you have read this. Please see Margaret with any questions. Thanks!

Reserve fines


In the past couple of weeks, 3 patrons have been sent upstairs to negotiate fines for reserve or periodical items. Library staff at Borrowing Privileges and FInes upstars have to tell the person to turn around and go back downstairs. Obviously, this is not the best customer service.

If someone has a fine for a reserve or periodical item:
1) They can only negotiate the fine with full-time staff in our unit, not upstairs (e.g. if they want the fine waived or reduced)
2) To pay a fine (of any type), the patron must go upstairs to the Borrowing Privileges & Fines window.

All students must comment that you have read this. Thanks!

Posting comments - must refresh

The comment function on the blog is working just dandy...

However, sometimes it appears as though a comment is not posted. In this case, refresh the page and the comment should appear.

If you experience any trouble with making blog comments, let Margaret know. Thanks!

Incident Reports

There were three incident reports last week, all in Wilson Library

Incident reports filed by library staff & student workers:
11/30--A wallet was reported stolen from a backpack that was left unattended. The police were called but the victim had no other information.

11/30--A patron reported the attempted theft of a backpack. The patron was looking for a book on the shelf and observed someone reaching for his backpack, not once but twice. The patron started to walk back to the backpack and the suspect left the area. The police were called and checked the area for the suspect, with "negative results".

12/03-Security monitor reported that a patron approached him and informed him that two individuals had attempted to steal the patron's laptop. The police were called and detained an individual who fit a description given by the patron. The patron did not want to confront the individual, so the police took a photograph--the patron was not able to positively identify the individual and the police released the individual. The security monitor then asked Central Security to review footage from the security cameras in Wilson. Two individuals who matched the patron's description were identified on the footage and that information was passed on to the UMPD.

Incident reports filed by security monitors:

The Wilson Security Monitor Reports reflected 461 incidents in Wilson Library in November. The biggest share of incidents in November, 160 of the total, involved log-in issues. Total incidents in September were 492 and in October were 505.

Reminder: Use the incident report form at Report these types of problems to the security monitor and your supervisor. Call 911 for criminal behavior. Never endanger your personal safety.

Important schedule reminder!!!


Reminder: The fall semester schedule will continue during finals week through Dec. 20.

If you can't work a regularly scheduled shift during finals week, start looking for a sub and notify Margaret asap.

This is especially relevant if you are leaving campus before Dec. 20.

All students must comment that you have read this post. Thanks!

Fun facts to have on hand

This week’s fun facts are courtesy of Gourmet.

Ronald McDonald is second only to Santa Claus among fictional figures familiar to American schoolchildren, with a 96% recognition rate.

The Aztecs were making peanut butter 1,000 years ago, but they used it as toothpaste not food.

Last summer, the Norwegian government and the Global Crop Diversity Trust began construction on an international repository carved out of ice and rock that will eventually hold 3 million seeds. It is expected that the seeds will remain frozen for at least 100 years.

Enjoy your week.

Recent Incidents in Wilson and Other Libraries

On 11/20 in Wilson Library in the evening, a laptop and wallet were stolen from a study carrel. The student using the carrel was sure that the carrel was locked while the student was at dinner. Upon returning, the student found the carrel door open and discovered the theft. It was reported to the police, who are investigating.

On 11/21 in the Health Sciences Library in Diehl Hall, a fourth-floor fire door that was supposed to be locked was found to be unlocked. The door leads to a mechanical room. Library staff is working with facilities staff to make sure this door is locked when not in use.

On 11/26 in Wilson in the evening, a backpack was reported stolen. The police were notified and the case is being investigated.

Reminder: Use the incident report form at Report these types of problems to the security monitor and your supervisor. Call 911 for criminal behavior. Never endanger your personal safety.


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