Change of the guard

Today is Margaret's last day. In the future, students should go to the following folks when questions/concerns arise:

(1) payroll and schedling issues can be addressed with Elena

(2) White Board questions, periodicals tasks and general periodicals questions can be addressed with Laurie. When periodicals related questions come up at the Reserve Desk, please go to Laurie when she's available. Laurie is in the office 9 am - 3 pm Monday - Friday.

(3) As always, e-Reserve questions go to Elena and traditional (print) Reserve questions go to Lois.

Laurie will be trying to introduce herself to each of you over the next week, but feel free to stop back and say hello to her as well.

Both Laurie and Elena are considered direct supervisors of all student employees in the unit.

All students please comment that you have reviewed this post. Thanks!


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