Good customer service reminders

As part of our commitment to good customer service, there are behaviors we need to demonstrate so that our users know the Libraries are a welcoming environment. While we are already doing a good job providing these services and interacting with our users, I thought it would be helpful to highlight some of the basic points.

* Make eye contact and smile, or otherwise acknowledge the person when users approach the service desk
* Greet approaching users (i.e. “Hello, how may I help you?�)
* Wear the Library Staff name tag
* Respect users and treat them accordingly
* When assisting users, ask if they found everything. When explaining policies and procedures, provide enough detail so the user fully understands. (e.g. borrowing options, MLAC, ILL)
* If unable to assist the patron, call in a co-worker for assistance or refer to a supervisor
* When giving directions to other locations, supply the users with a campus map or detailed directions (If there is not a print map handy, there are details about campus locations on-line at the U. of Minn. home page If the service point has more than one person working and if the workload permits, offer to walk the person to other close by locations in the building. It can also be as simple as going with the person to get them started in the right direction (.e.g "Let me show where the Cash to Card machine is located")
* When users appear in need of assistance, offer to help (e.g. Is there something I can help you find?)

Thanks for continuing to build on the IADS commitment to consistently strive to deliver great service.
-- Jerrie Bayer

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