Periodicals on the move

All students: please visit & thoroughly read: Wilson Periodicals Transfers to MLAC Storage

Note how the records will look in MNCat temporarily.

On April 16, staff will begin pulling the serial volumes for transfer to the MLAC compact storage facility in the Andersen Library. Over 34,000 volumes will be removed from the Wilson Periodicals collection. We anticipate this project will be completed by the end of May. There are two parts of this project; titles identified as cancelled or ceased, and those duplicated by JSTOR or Elsevier electronic journals. The cancelled/ceased titles will be transferred first.

The runs of the JSTOR and Elsevier titles are being split between Wilson and MLAC. Those volumes published prior to 1996 will be moved. Holdings records for the titles will be updated on a continuing basis throughout the project. During parts of the process, duplicate records will appear for Wilson in the catalog.

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