Important Online Training Program

Some of you should have received in your UMN email a notice about:

Public Jobs: Private Data Online Training Program

This program has been developed to help workforce members and volunteers on all campuses of the University of Minnesota learn about securing University data. Since you all work with ALEPH and have access to sensitive patron personal information, you are required to complete this training as part of the criteria for maintaining your job standing.

The training consists of three primary courses (Data Security in Your Job, Securing Your Computer Workstation, and Using University Data).

Please follow the instructions for completing this important training (you have a particular window of opportunity to do so, but I encourage you to complete it in a timely manner. Don't put it off ~ each section will only take about 15 minutes of your time.

If you have any questions, please badger the full-time staff (who may or may not have answers). Some of you may have already completed this training during the course of the year. If you think you have already done so, check your training history at the Human Resources Self Service web page.

Everyone, please respond to this post to indicate that you have read it. Thank you!


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