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There have been questions of late about using the guest log in.

You have the right not to log in people at the computers. If you feel that they aren't legitimate users , you can refuse to do it. If they give you a hard time tell them to go up to the reference desk to get logged in or use the the public access computers in the library. There are six open access computers on this floor: 2 five minute computers by the Uniprint station, and 4 20 minute limit computers in Government Publications/Business Reference. There are cards for Matt Bowers, Security Coordinator for the library, at the front desk. Give them to the people who have issues with the policy.

I would also like to remind everybody to fill out an incident report so we can keep track of this type of activity in the library. There is a bookmark for incident reports on the reserve desk computers.

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What is a legitimate user?
I know that these younger kids come ask me to log them in and I have seen them do homework but sometimes they play games...should I log them on or not?


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