Room Pickup / Newspaper Reminders

Couple of quick Room Pickup Reminders:
1. Please check to make sure that the microfiche machines are turned off. There are two in the darkened room and two by the newspaper collection door.
2.Chairs should be pushed in, papers recycled, pencils picked off the floor. The new chairs with wheels move around a lot especially under the skylights. Each square table should have three chairs around it.
3. If you see stains on any table while doing pickup, please clean the table. Cleaning supplies can be found by the stats folder.
4. Kick stands should be in random aisles. If you see more than one kick stand down an aisle please move one to another location in the periodicals room

Newspaper Reminders
1. Only the current days newspapers go into the rack, not Saturday nor Sunday.
2. If we receive more than one copy of a days newspaper, only one needs to be put in the rack

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