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I think the new shelving system has potential, but there are still a few kinks that need to be worked out. For instance, what should be done if a truck is finished too early in the hour to quit working and too late to get more books to shelve (say, ten minutes before the end of the hour)? Is it okay to fill up another truck and leave it on the floor for those shelving the next hour? And if so, who should be notified and how so that anyone shelving in the next hour knows that a truck is waiting for that they don't fill up another? Perhaps people who finish early could fill up the rest of the hour with shelfsweeping or shelfreading. I also think it would be good to spread out the shelvers so that we work sections in smaller groups. If everyone shelves in the same area, it gets rather crowded and we tend to bump into each other a lot. I was also wondering what should be done with the empty trucks. I've noticed a lot of them in the work rooms. Should they be returned to the receiving room area? Sorry for the deluge of questions!
Jackie's Response: Don't worry about all the questions! I posted a blog entry that addresses most of these questions, but please keep them coming if you have them. Thanks!

I think the problems I have with the shelving system are less of a problem with the system and more a problem with how I'm handling it. Under the old system I would just grab very large loads and shelve them all at once. When the trucks aren't fine sorted, I find myself still trying to do that, but I have to find all the books that belong in one place and then sort that handful, slowing me down. Taking a random handful increases travel time because I have books that belong in different places. I'll try and change the way I'm doing things, but I still don't think I'll get back up to the speed I was shelving at under the old system.


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