New Shelving System

Hello Everyone,

As you all know, there is a new shelving system in town. The great news is that we are on top of the shelving...which is absolutely fantastic, and unheard of, for the start of finals week!

Of course, the system is still rough around the edges, and we are working on refining all the processes below. Hopefully some of this information will help.

1. Empty trucks should be left in the work areas on 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors for now unless you are directed otherwise. Empties should not go on 1st floor by the elevator.
2. If you finish your truck and have a little time left, but not enough time to go get more books, please shelve anything that is out on the shelving near the computers (pick up). Record those items on the pick up sheet in the back. You could also do maintenance. The most important thing is to tell us what you did and what you got done when you get back to the office. If we're not there, leave one of us a note.
3. If you have a partial truck at the end of the hour, leave it in the stack work area, and tell a supervisor when you return to the office. If a supervisor isn't around, leave a note telling them which floor the partial is on, or if there is anyone scheduled to shelve next, tell them.
4. If you have multiple people shelving, it is okay to take trucks for different areas. Just remember to keep trucks in the large aisles so that we can find you if we need to.

Thank you everyone, and great job!


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