WOW Award for June


It is time once again to announce the Wow Award recipient. The Wow Award is given out every other month to a student in CRSS who stands out to the supervisors because of their dedication, initiative or simply because they did something great.

This time the recipient is a student that many of you may not have contact with on a daily basis. She does a lot of behind the scenes work for CRSS, including helping to put materials on electronic Reserve. June's recipient of the Wow Award is Megann.

Megann has been helping this past month with a huge variety of projects not normally on her schedule: the endcap project (which she was fabulous with), shelving, helping in the book return, assisting at the main circulation desk, helping clear the traditional reserve materials, and now this unwieldy collection measuring project. All in addition to keeping up with her regular duties.

Congratulations Megann.




Congratulations Megann!!!

huzzah ~ !

: D


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