Your Feedback Needed


Hello Everyone,
I would like to get your feedback on the shelving system.

How do you feel it's going, especially since we've omitted final sorting into the process? Do you find yourself spending time sorting things?

I would like all students to participate.

Please leave feedback with your name attached as a comment here. Please feel free to be honest, but remember that I can do more with constructive feedback: if you don't like something, please suggest what can make it better.

If you have something that you would like to add that you would like to be anonymous, please leave it on the Student Feedback post.



At first, I strongly disliked the new shelving system, but I understood that it was probably helping in the big picture. I'm not as opposed to it as I was before, but I have found that I spend a lot of time sorting books simply because of the way I shelve. I think the speed issues I've been having under new shelving are my problem and not a problem with the system, but three months later I'm not really getting any faster. I don't really have any ideas as to how to improve the shelving system itself. I'm going to try to make my shelving faster first.

the new shelving system has grown on me! at first it was strange and i wasn't sure that i liked it much, but now i find that the time passes faster. I'm unsure if I'm more efficient than before, because i spend some time sorting the books but in the end they all get shelved.

I started here around the time we switched over so it wasn't too hard of a transition for me. Plus it is very similar to the way I would shelve dvds at my old job, we were just given a big box of dvds that could be located anywhere in the store. I just make sure to grab a few that are close together and quick sort em in my arm while I walk. Grabbing similarly located titles helps reduce the walking and the time spent searching in my opinion.

I think the system has much improved since its inception. I wasn't a fan in the beginning, but I think I just needed time to get used to the transition and figure out what works best for me. Rough sorting seems to work well enough, and so does "sorting on the go" so to speak. It maybe takes me a little longer to get through my shelving work than it used to, but I think the time saved in the book return room by eliminating fine sorting evens it out. Maybe? Not that I pretend to know these things.

I see a lot of potential in the system we have switched to, and for me it seemed very successful for switching so suddenly during a very busy time. My method is grabbing the first book, then scanning the truck for books in the same area (ex. if the book is DA674 .Rxxx, I scan the truck for D's DA's and..DB's(if there are DB's)) then quicksort while I walk to the area and shelve away.

So I'm still sorting, but I feel the system can be as fast, if not faster than the old system because you are grabbing books for specific areas to begin with (I think this will be noticed more when there are more books to shelf and you aren't taking up a whole floor to shelve). My only suggestion to speed this up would be to divide the books into even more sections in the return room.

I concur with the comments about picking a book from the truck and then just selecting books with nearby call numbers to shelve. It seems to go just as fast as the previous system for me.

Also, having worked in the book return room, I can attest to the fact that a great deal of time and effort is saved by not having to meticulously sort every item on that end.

I like the new shelving system. I also rough sort like Matt and Arnold previously stated. I grab a handful of books that are in the same section and shelve them. I feel I have accomplished more at the end of the hour when my truck is empty, instead of having to push the remaining books back into the work area.

At first I was skeptical of the new shelving system, but after a week I was used to it and actually like it because it gives me more flexibility. For instance, I have the option to shelve alone or with a coworker and can decide what side of the floor I want to shelve on. Also, I enjoy having the freedom to take as many books as I think I can shelve in an hour unto my cart while in the book return room. With all that said, I think this shelving system is successful and we should continue using it.

i'm indifferent, seems like it works fine.

I think the new system adds a little more variety into shelving. The extra steps may take a few more minutes but I think the books get shelved just as quickly when we just grab for the section that we want to shelve in.

i agree with Brian, either way im shelving books and seam to do about the same amount... only difference is the extra time needed to get the books, other then thats its all good

I am in the same boat as Matt, Lauren, and Arnold. I still grab books from the same section and put them in order before I go to shelve them. I would say the new way works fine, since the time I spend organizing the books I grab is probably less than the time that would be spent in the return room. I also think it seems like the books get onto the shelves faster, and do not just sit around on the different floors. It is nice to be able to grab the amount of books that you feel you can shelve, and just focus on that amount.

I think the new shelving system seems to be successful.Since we started it, we have not had loads of carts siting in work area. Also as everyone else figured out their own strategy of shelving and sorting ,I grab a couple of books of nearby Call numbers and sort them out on my the way to shelving.

I like the new system. It is more flexible and fun. I enjoy grabbing similar call numbers and shelving in that manner. I say we continue using it.

I think the new shelving system is working really well for the summer, but I think the real test will be during the semester when there is a larger amount of books. I think having the books split up into more sections would help prevent people from shelving books in the same call numbers and getting in each others' way. I also think that we should decide on what number of carts there is room for on each floor, since sometimes the 2nd and 3rd floor get crowded with carts and there are none left on 1st. Other than that it's been going pretty smoothly for me.

Judging from the comments above, it seems as though we've all adjusted to perfection. I've just been going with the flow and have had very few problems.

Thanks so much for the comments and suggestions everyone!

I am so glad to see such a postitive response, and Sabrina is right that you all have adjusted really well.

I appreciate your flexibility, as always, and hope that we can make just a couple more refinements to help the process work even better.



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