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Manual checkout

Perhaps out of boredom, I made a spreadsheet called "MANUAL CHECKOUT" (on the desktop) where we can tabulate our loans and returns. It is password protected with the ALEPH password we use with opening.

Note that you can use the ID scanner and the barcode scanner when entering information into an Excel spreadsheet.

I came on the desk here at 5pm. MNCat is working while ALEPH remains down. Where have students been recording manual checkouts?

System still down


ALEPH circulation and the MNCAT was not be up by 2:00 p.m. as hoped. The system's staff are trying to
determine what is causing the problem and it is unknown when the system will be up and running. Continue to follow the procedures outlined in the earlier blog post.

Please comment after reading this note.


System down time on Sunday, March 18

The circulation system and public catalogs will be down for extended maintenance this Sunday, March 18, beginning at 5:00am. OIT anticipates that these systems will be up and running again no later than 2:00pm, perhaps earlier.

For Sunday, until the system is up and running:

1) MNCAT will not be available during this time.

2) For Reserve loans – check out materials manually. Record the person’s Ucard number and the call number of the item (s) being checked out on a piece of paper. For these materials only – be sure to manually check them back in when returned.

3) For reserve returns of materials signed out prior to Sunday – these items cannot be checked in until the system comes up. Be sure to backdate to Thursday, March 15 at 4:30pm.

4) Periodical loans – refer user to the first floor circulation desk

5) Periodical returns – these items cannot be checked in until the system comes up.

Sunday staff need to post a comment that this message was read.


Reserve check-out - another problem


OK, now Aleph is having another problem.

After 4 pm, it checks 2-hr loan reserve books out for just 2 hours, not overnight.

So, you must change the date manually using the "CHange Date" button after 4 pm.

Before 4 pm, things are fine. The 2-hr reserve books are loaned for 2 hours; hence, no problem.

All students comment to indicate you have read this post.

Change date for 2-hr loan Reserve Checkouts


Aleph is having a problem.

As a result, all 2-hour loan reserve items are being checked out for an extra DAY. This is a big problem.

Here is the fix: When you check out a 2-hour item, change the due date using the "Change Date" time to be the correct date.
-- 2 hours later same day if before 4 pm
-- 9 am next day if after 4 pm

You should only have to change the date, not the time.

We will alert you when this problem has been fixed and manually changing the date is no longer necessary.

All students please comment that you have read this.

Attention A.M. Workers!!

When checking in any material that has been returned in an overnight drop box, set the Override date and time function.

See directions here on p.3:

1. Go to the Return tab in Aleph
2. In the lower pane click the Override Date button.
3. Change the date to the last day the Library was open and adjust the time to 16:30.
4. Click OK

This should be done in the morning, for any items returned overnight in the Periodicals or the Reserve drop-boxes.

This back-dating process ensures that users are not charged fines who return their items just a little late or in the event that we mess up and don't check in their item by closing time.

All students, please respond that you have read this. Implemetation of this procedure begins immediately.

Aleph Version 18 Conversion

The conversion to Aleph version 18 begins this Friday, August 11. (Aleph powers the software used to check in/out items and the online MNCat.)

With Aleph version 18, library users will see a few changes in MNCat:
-- Browse with no match. When doing a browse search where there is no match, text "would have appeared here" will appear in list of items
-- Renewals. When a user tries to renew and cannot do so, more explanatory text will appear to tell them why (such as the item has been renewed already in the past 24 hours)
-- Basket Fix. When doing a search that they want to save, users will no longer have to redo their search after logging in. They still have to log in, but their last MnCat search will still be available. They can then select items and add to their "basket" as desired.

Starting Monday, go into MNCat, and try each of these three new features yourself. This will best help you assist patrons who might have questions about changes.

Aleph 17 (our current version) will work as usual until 4:30 p.m. Friday; however, there may be periods when response time is somewhat slow.

NOTE: Over the weekend, several things will happen, including the "My Account" feature will be disabled and circulation will occur "off-line". Aleph will also be down for 1/2 hour beginning at 4:30 Friday and for 10 minutes late Sunday. These things do not affect us because Reserve is not be open Sat. or Sun.

Late Sunday, conversion to version 18 will be complete.
--MNCat users will be accessing version 18 automatically.
--Staff users must use the version 18 to access Aleph.
--Aleph ILL will be available.

Beginning Monday, August 14:
--Online (regular) circulation will resume
--Access to Your Account will be restored.

All students please comment that you have read this post


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