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Goodbye to Spam!!

In an attempt to get rid of spam comments, i have added a plug in that will prompt you to enter a code when you comment to a post.

Spam Spam Spam


Our blog has had an increase in spam comments over the past few days. This has included comments that are irritating, like ads for free ringtones. It has also included offensive and pornographic comments, with links to sites wholly inappropriate for the workplace.

It's basically the same type of ridiculous stuff that takes up way too much space in our email boxes. I'm just sorry that we've all had to see it on the blog, especially since the blog is part of our work environment.

I am monitoring the situation and will be cleaning up spam comments one to two times per week. If "junking" these doesn't decrease the problem, we may have to move to a moderated format where comments are submitted/approved before being posted to the blog. While I'd rather have a completely open-access forum where ideas can be published immediately, some level of oversight may be needed if this spamming continues.

Death to spammers!

Any questions or concerns? Let me know.


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