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Storage Media at the Copy Center

A lesser known fact (or maybe I am the last to learn this): the copy center sells formatted computer disks as well as CD-Rs. So when patrons using the MicroFilm Scanners need an alternative to printing, e-mailing, and saving to a flash drive, they can purchase these disks and CD-Rs at the Copy Center!

NOTE FROM MARGARET: CD-R's are the best option, as computer disks (3 1/2" floppy) do not have enough storage space for what most patrons need for scanning microfilm/fiche. In fact, I have never seen a patron be able to successfully save to a floppy disk because there just isn't enough room for the large scanned files.

UniPrint Down : Options for MF Scanner Printing

Uniprint will be down Wednesday August 23 and available sporadically Thursday – Friday, August 24-25.


Plan A: For library users using the microform scanners, you can offer options & alternatives to printing:
• Email images
• Burn to CD or DVD
• Save to flashdrive

Plan B: If these alternatives do not work for the patron, refer them to full-time staff. If the print job is an appropriate size, we may decide to print it for them (they can email the images to us and we can print on the office printers).

Plan C: If full-time staff are not available, refer the patron to Copy Services. They should see "Barb" or "Mark" there -- not one of the desk workers. Walk with the patron to Copy Services if possible.

NOTE: Options above are not available for patrons printing from regular computers. This is only for those using microform scanners.

Copy Center's New Location

The Copy Center has now completed their move. When referring patrons to the Copy Center, direct them to the service desk next to the basement exit, where they will find both:
-- Circulation Services AND
-- Copy Center Services

This desk is staffed entirely be Copy Center staff, who can do both circulation and Copy Center services for library users. There will no longer be a separate desk staffed by Circulation staff.

Copy Center offices are located nearby in Room 2 (go into Business Reference/Government Documents area, and the room is immediately to your left). Room 2 will eventually have a service window as well.

Please go over and see this new space so that you can refer patrons accurately.

A cafe will be located where the Copy Center used to be. This coffee shop is expected to open Spring Semester.

All students please comment that you've read this post and checked out the new Copy Center arrangement.

Cash to Card Machine Problems - Reporting Procedure

Please report any malfunctioning Library Cash to Card machines directly to:

1) Report problems directly to Wilson Reserve & Periodicals full-time staff.

2) If full-time staff are not available, report problems directly to the UCard office at 6-9900. Please ask for Mary or Sarah and give them the location of machine. They are available M - F 8-4:30. If it's outside of these hours, leave a message, and the machine will be fixed the next business day.
**If reporting to UCard office, communicate this to full-time staff**

Estimated Service time is 3 hours, but 2 hours will be their goal.

Tips for Helping Patrons When Cash to Card machine is down:

-- Refer to first floor machine at Wilson Library
-- If both Wilson machines are down, refer to another West Bank cash to card machine location:
Anderson Hall, Lower level
CSOM, 2nd level
Elmer Anderson Library
Humphrey Center, Lower level
Law Library, Main level
Middlebrook Hall, Main level
WBOB, Main level

Listing of all campus Cash to Card machine locations is at the UCard page:

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Copy Center Moving...Make Way for Coffee Shop

Friday 8/11/06 staff will relocate the public photo copy service from its current location in the basement center lobby area to the area behind the basement circulation/exit desk to make room for the future Wilson Library Cafe.

Limited photocopy service will be available during the move.

Photo copy staff and services currently housed in basement Room 20 will relocate to basement Room 2.

The future Wilson Cafe is expected to begin operations in Spring Semester 2007. It will be located where the Copy Center currently is.

We will keep you updated on new Copy Center services and operating procedures. Questions/Concerns - contact Margaret.

New Copiers - Important Information

Click Here for New Copiers Information

The Libraries have come up with the "talking points" above for communicating with patrons about our new copy machines. It's important that everyone consistently use these messages when fielding questions about the copiers.

Please note that patrons who are unhappy about these new policies can be referred to voice their concerns to Amy Boemer, Head of Photocopy Services, or Peggy Johnson, Head of Access Services. However, as always, technical problems that you can't help the patron solve (paper jam, copy card problems, etc.) should be referred to the Copy Center. These kinds of technical issues should not be referred to Amy or Peggy. Let Margaret know if you have questions about what issues should be referred where.

All students please comment to indicate you have read this post, including the attached document.


New Copiers in the Libraries


Attention, attention!! New copiers have been installed throughout Wilson Library.

The new machines take cards only (U Cards or Copy Cards). The new copiers do not take cash or coins.

Pricing for the new machines is $0.17 per page for all copies.

Since they have been installed, there have been large problems with paper jams. Refer patrons experiencing this kind of frustration to the Copy Center.

Courtesy Card Courtesy

courtesy card.bmp

Below Margaret writes that Uniprint is now enabled for the front desk computers instead of the dinosaur printers, and that student workers will use Courtesy Cards to print off patron receipts. These are in an envelope pinned to the wall by the Charlie computer. Other uses for Courtesy Cards include when a printing or scanning error causes an unreasonably bad copy or when users display an appreciable amount of stress about needing to make a copy but lacking funds. If reimbursing a patron for one or two copies, take a card with you and print them for the user, retaining the card. If you know they lost a certain amount, you can also just give them a card (a full card has 75 cents on it--reimburse them extra if needed, it doesn't have to be exact). If giving freebies, generally only allow one or two (not mulitple) copies, unless the patron is particularly convincing. Courtesy cards are just that--given as a courtesy, so it's okay to be liberal in their use.

And now for Courtesy Card Courtesy!

Little is more aggravating for either an employee or a patron to have to feed multiple cards into a photocopier or the UniPrint box because someone put an empty or low value card back in the sleeve. Patrons who need the cards have likely already encountered some frustration to need a card in the first place, and further needless delay doesn't help.

Whenever you use a Courtesy Card: when finished, record the remaining amount on the card itself with a marker, crossing off a previous amount if necessary. A black marker is in the sleeve for this purpose. If a card is empty or has a useless value, you can return the card to the Copy Center (value cannot be added to the Courtesy Cards at a cash-to-card machine).

As a reminder:
Photocopies: $0.17 (starts August 1)
Computer printouts: $0.10
Microfilm scans: $0.25

Thus, if a card has less than 10 cents, it can be returned to the Copy Center.

PS--I made that Courtesy Card in Paint. I got lazy.


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