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Wow! Award Winner

We are happy to announce the very first recipient of the prestigious WOW! Award. This person has stayed passed their scheduled shift to help users. They have also taken initiative to complete tasks when full time staff were not available.
The recipient of the Wow! Award is.....



Blood Drive ~ Monday, October 27th

On Monday, October 27th, Wilson Library is hosting a blood drive, sponspred by the Community Fund Drive.


We encourage you, if you are eligible, to sign up to donate blood! Click here for more information and eligibility guidelines for donating.

You can also sign up to schedule your blood donation. Click here and enter our Zip Code (55455). Then just follow the simple instructions (you will be prompted). Otherwise, you can sign up on the day of the blood drive.

This is an excellent and safe way you can contribute to the community. It costs you nothing and could save lives!


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