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U of M Data Security Training

Please check that you have completed the required courses in "Public Jobs: Private Data" security program. All student employees are required to complete the training.

To check go to MyU portal

Upon authentication, then proceed as follows:
Students will need to go to their "ACADEMICS & CAREER" tab.

Step-by-Step directions for accessing the training can be found on under "University of Minnesota Privacy & Security Training".

Please comment when you have completed the training

Begining of the Semester Reminders

Just some reminders as we start the new semester:
1. Facebook and other sites like it are not allowed to be looked at while on the desk. Anybody found looking at these sites will lose the privilege of working shifts at the desk and will be rescheduled for periodical hours.If no periodical hours are needed you will lose hours.
2. Make sure to check in all materials as they arrive. This goes for items returned in both return drops, handed in at the desk and deliveries from Circulation. Last semester there were too many instances of items not getting checked in properly
3. Make sure to bring items out to the re-shelving area at least once an hour.
4. Pay close attention to titles when shelving, if it doesn't have a spot on the shelf put the item on its appropriate problem shelf in the Reserve room.

Mess at the Desk

Food wrappers are still being found around the desk. If this continues, being able to have food and drink at the desk will end. Let's not have the desk area looking like a sty.

Quick Reminders

Hi Everybody,
Here are some quick work reminders:
1. Read the Blog - there was a must comment post done on September 11, to which only two people have posted to.

2. Student Supervisors (Joe, Maggie and Becky) can control the work flow in the absence of full-time staff.

3. Shelve returned reserve materials once an hour, when you have a desk shift.

4. Please stop leaving empty containers and wrappers at the desk.

and the most important reminder:
Make sure to tell patrons what time the reserve materials are due.

Weekend Time Cards ~

For those of you working the weekend shift, remember that timeliness is crucial! The library may seem sorta quiet right now and the patrons aren't breaking down the doors, but when we say the window is open from 12-5, the window must be open from 12-5.

Be sure to clock in on your time cards before you open the office and get set up. A recent survey of weekend cards has shown some very late clock-ins (one as much as 17 minutes late!).

Please don't forget that with the weekend shift comes added responsibility. We're counting on you to be prompt getting the office opened up and being available for the phone, etc.

All students please comment that you have reviewed this post.

Thank you!

Change of the guard

Today is Margaret's last day. In the future, students should go to the following folks when questions/concerns arise:

(1) payroll and schedling issues can be addressed with Elena

(2) White Board questions, periodicals tasks and general periodicals questions can be addressed with Laurie. When periodicals related questions come up at the Reserve Desk, please go to Laurie when she's available. Laurie is in the office 9 am - 3 pm Monday - Friday.

(3) As always, e-Reserve questions go to Elena and traditional (print) Reserve questions go to Lois.

Laurie will be trying to introduce herself to each of you over the next week, but feel free to stop back and say hello to her as well.

Both Laurie and Elena are considered direct supervisors of all student employees in the unit.

All students please comment that you have reviewed this post. Thanks!

Good customer service reminders

As part of our commitment to good customer service, there are behaviors we need to demonstrate so that our users know the Libraries are a welcoming environment. While we are already doing a good job providing these services and interacting with our users, I thought it would be helpful to highlight some of the basic points.

* Make eye contact and smile, or otherwise acknowledge the person when users approach the service desk
* Greet approaching users (i.e. “Hello, how may I help you?�)
* Wear the Library Staff name tag
* Respect users and treat them accordingly
* When assisting users, ask if they found everything. When explaining policies and procedures, provide enough detail so the user fully understands. (e.g. borrowing options, MLAC, ILL)
* If unable to assist the patron, call in a co-worker for assistance or refer to a supervisor
* When giving directions to other locations, supply the users with a campus map or detailed directions (If there is not a print map handy, there are details about campus locations on-line at the U. of Minn. home page If the service point has more than one person working and if the workload permits, offer to walk the person to other close by locations in the building. It can also be as simple as going with the person to get them started in the right direction (.e.g "Let me show where the Cash to Card machine is located")
* When users appear in need of assistance, offer to help (e.g. Is there something I can help you find?)

Thanks for continuing to build on the IADS commitment to consistently strive to deliver great service.
-- Jerrie Bayer

All students please comment that you have reviewed this post. Thanks!

Attention Work Study Students!!!

Financial aid applications should be submitted prior to the April 1 deadline in order for returning students to be given priority as awards are made. Information on submitting the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is available at:

do you have the key?


Attention all students!!!

We need a report back from everyone on whether or not you have a key to the unit.

If you build it, they will come...



In response to some issues recently raised on the blog, we would like to reiterate some key points about priorities at work. I would also recommend that everyone reads the comments posted in response to Charlie's recent "opinion" posting.

* Library work is the reason and focus for your work time.

* Personal entertainment, projects, homework, etc. are not work related activities. They are perks of working in the Periodicals/Reserves unit but are not the reason you should come to work.

* When assigned a project, you are expected to immediately attend to that project and remain focused on this task.

* At all times you are expected to exhibit good customer service skills. It's especially important to proactively work on appearing approachable and helpful to Library users. We are encouraging you to work particularly hard on approachability because users did not rate us as highly in this area in the recent customer service survey (i.e. comments like "library staff looked busy").

* We do not communicate approachability to users when engrossed in the Internet, homework, reading etc. While working at the desk, use common sense and do "lighter" work that does not dominate your attention. You should always be able to tell what is happening in the room and to have your attention directed towards serving customers.

* Being approachable means practicing concrete approachability skills. For some people, this is natural. For others, it is something that requires more practice. Make sure to be in the habit of consistently using eye contact, friendly facial expressioins, greetings, open body language, and good posture. Not looking busy is also an important part of approachability.

* Using your own personal lap top at the desk creates a barrier between you and the library user and can really make you not appear approachable. For this reason, we will be asking you not to use lap tops at work from now on.

* If non-work activities are keeping you from focusing on Library duties or hinder approachability, full time staff may ask you to stop doing them.

These reminders are really about building a culture and environment where Library users receive great service, feel valued and know that they are our first priority. You are a very, very important part of building this, and we want to thank you for the work that you do. Please comment here or talk to me with questions, disagreements, etc. about these issues.


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