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Room Pickup / Newspaper Reminders

Couple of quick Room Pickup Reminders:
1. Please check to make sure that the microfiche machines are turned off. There are two in the darkened room and two by the newspaper collection door.
2.Chairs should be pushed in, papers recycled, pencils picked off the floor. The new chairs with wheels move around a lot especially under the skylights. Each square table should have three chairs around it.
3. If you see stains on any table while doing pickup, please clean the table. Cleaning supplies can be found by the stats folder.
4. Kick stands should be in random aisles. If you see more than one kick stand down an aisle please move one to another location in the periodicals room

Newspaper Reminders
1. Only the current days newspapers go into the rack, not Saturday nor Sunday.
2. If we receive more than one copy of a days newspaper, only one needs to be put in the rack

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Guest Log-in

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There have been questions of late about using the guest log in.

You have the right not to log in people at the computers. If you feel that they aren't legitimate users , you can refuse to do it. If they give you a hard time tell them to go up to the reference desk to get logged in or use the the public access computers in the library. There are six open access computers on this floor: 2 five minute computers by the Uniprint station, and 4 20 minute limit computers in Government Publications/Business Reference. There are cards for Matt Bowers, Security Coordinator for the library, at the front desk. Give them to the people who have issues with the policy.

I would also like to remind everybody to fill out an incident report so we can keep track of this type of activity in the library. There is a bookmark for incident reports on the reserve desk computers.

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Newspaper Check-in

Wilson Tech Services will no longer check in newspapers online (except for the Star Tribune, St. Paul Pioneer Press, Wall StreetJournal, and New York Times), beginning Feb.1.

Because of this change in policy, we've been seeing a greater than usual number things that look like newspapers, but are either somebody else's newspapers, or are periodicals.

Please be extra careful about checking the list to before cornering a newspaper, and please put any problem newspapers on the 'Problem Newspaper' shelf in the student work area. I'd like to be able to keep track of how many problems this change in policy causes. Thanks!

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Required U of M Data Security Training

Make sure you complete the required U of M Data Security Training. The third (and final) section should now be available. Go to MyU portal ( and upon authentication go to your "ACADEMICS & CAREER" tab.

There, you will see the Training sessions that you still need to complete.

Please complete this training as soon as possible to avoid potential problems with your ongoing work appointment.

Thank you!

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Important Online Training Program

Some of you should have received in your UMN email a notice about:

Public Jobs: Private Data Online Training Program

This program has been developed to help workforce members and volunteers on all campuses of the University of Minnesota learn about securing University data. Since you all work with ALEPH and have access to sensitive patron personal information, you are required to complete this training as part of the criteria for maintaining your job standing.

The training consists of three primary courses (Data Security in Your Job, Securing Your Computer Workstation, and Using University Data).

Please follow the instructions for completing this important training (you have a particular window of opportunity to do so, but I encourage you to complete it in a timely manner. Don't put it off ~ each section will only take about 15 minutes of your time.

If you have any questions, please badger the full-time staff (who may or may not have answers). Some of you may have already completed this training during the course of the year. If you think you have already done so, check your training history at the Human Resources Self Service web page.

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Per v. Desk - not that big of a difference!

Womanwithbookcart.jpgI'd like to take a moment to clarify why we ask those scheduled at the Desk to do Periodicals work. It's been brought to my attention that there is some confusion and concern about this.

Since Fall 2006, we have scheduled less "Periodicals" hours for student workers. We make up this difference by asking one of the two students at the Desk to do Periodicals tasks when needed - particularly during slow periods in the afternoon and evening. This mostly affects students scheduled at the Desk between 1-3 PM and 5-9 PM.

The expectation we hold for all student employees is to come to work with the willingness and readiness to complete whatever tasks are needed, regardless of whether one is technically scheduled as "Periodicals" or "Desk." We expect that these tasks will be attended to immediately, without distractions of personal work (email, homework, etc) at the desk getting in the way.

My hope is that this provides a useful framework and understanding about why we are asking Desk workers to do necessary Periodicals tasks more often than in the past. If you have any questions or further concerns, ask away! Use the Blog, or I'm more than available to chat as always.

I've changed the publically posted schedule to include a reminder stating "Students scheduled for "desk" hours will be asked to do Periodicals tasks as needed."

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Emergency Closing Procedures

Please review the following, the Libraries policy in case of an emergency closing like happened last week:

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A special nametag just for you

You may have noticed that we (finally!) have a plethora of new nametags. Now that we have enough, please get back in the habit of wearing them during all shifts -- desk, periodicals, special projects, whatever.

You'll notice that we have a nametag for every employee, to help keep the nametags from "walking off." We've gone through over 15 nametags since the start of the year, so I need everyone to try harder at remembering to leave their nametag here at the end of their shift.

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Breaks protocols - important reminder

This is a reminder of our policy about breaks at work, from the "Protocols & Expectations" that each student employee has reviewed and signed.

• Students receive one paid 20 minute break when working a block of four hours.
• Students must take an unpaid 30 minute lunch break when working a shift of eight hours or more.

This means that if you work a block of less than 4 hours, there is no break, unless absolutely necessary.

When working the desk, take your break
1) only when there is coverage
2) NOT when ther is an upcoming shift change between desk students
3) after you have checked with full-time staff & the other student at the desk


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Reserve fines


In the past couple of weeks, 3 patrons have been sent upstairs to negotiate fines for reserve or periodical items. Library staff at Borrowing Privileges and FInes upstars have to tell the person to turn around and go back downstairs. Obviously, this is not the best customer service.

If someone has a fine for a reserve or periodical item:
1) They can only negotiate the fine with full-time staff in our unit, not upstairs (e.g. if they want the fine waived or reduced)
2) To pay a fine (of any type), the patron must go upstairs to the Borrowing Privileges & Fines window.

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