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Type 3 Lens

We now have a type 3 lens for the Microform Scanners. A type 3 lens magnifies the image more than the type 2 lens, this comes in handy when looking at microfiche. The check out procedure is the same as the type 1 lenses.

Microfilm reels finally arrived

Microfilm Reel.JPG

We now have 1,000 new microfilm reels -- the "square square" kind.

We can now return to normal practice for respooling bad (square/hole or hole/hole) reels.


Microfilm Reels

We have run out of "good" microfilm reels for respooling.

The bad/old reels (any with holes) do NOT work with any microfilm machine, including the newer scanners. Attempting to use the old reels any any of our equipment will cause problems.

If a patron needs the bad/old reels re-spooled, follow these steps:
1) Take a reel of microfilm from the newspaper room that has a good reel (square/square). (such as recent issues of the Washington Post).
2) Respool this "good" reel in order to free up the "good reel".
3) Respool the "bad" reel the patron has presented to you onto this freed up "bad" reel.

Good reel = square/square
Bad reel = square/hole or hole/hole


Note: Please disregard info posted today (which has now been deleted) directing folks to use the "bad" reels on microfilm scanners. While it is technically possible to put the "bad" reels on this equipment, you have to put it on in a way that still causes problems. The main problem is that the film is much more likely to split/break when the reel is put on in that manner. As a result, bad reels must always be respooled.

Film scanner number 1

Film scanner number 1 is now back and fully functioning. Jerrie

Film scanner number 1 removed

The hard drive in film scanner # 1 in the newspaper room failed late last week and has been removed.

It will take approximately one week to replace. Until that happens, there is only one working scanner in that area. The machine can still be used to view microforms, just not scanning. Jerrie

Microfilm shelving

OK, here's the deal: over the past couple of weeks, quite a few microfilm reels in the newspaper room have not been shelved in order. The reels are put at the back of the box instead of in its rightful place.

Imagine the humiliation, the indignity, that the poor defenseless microfilm reel feels by being so carelessly shoved to the back of the box. Do your part to make the microfilm happy and make sure it's shelved in order.

Also, we know that this is an issue with our shelving, not patrons, because these cases have been microfilms that were recently checked in at the Reserve desk and then, of course, shelved by us.

All students please comment. Thanks!

UniPrint Down : Options for MF Scanner Printing

Uniprint will be down Wednesday August 23 and available sporadically Thursday – Friday, August 24-25.


Plan A: For library users using the microform scanners, you can offer options & alternatives to printing:
• Email images
• Burn to CD or DVD
• Save to flashdrive

Plan B: If these alternatives do not work for the patron, refer them to full-time staff. If the print job is an appropriate size, we may decide to print it for them (they can email the images to us and we can print on the office printers).

Plan C: If full-time staff are not available, refer the patron to Copy Services. They should see "Barb" or "Mark" there -- not one of the desk workers. Walk with the patron to Copy Services if possible.

NOTE: Options above are not available for patrons printing from regular computers. This is only for those using microform scanners.

no more fiche, hooray!


At long last, the announcement we’ve all been waiting for! Tirelessly writing the same number a kajillion times only to get a new number, and write that a kazillion times, then stuffing envelopes contributing to carpal tunnel syndrome and general zombification… is over! That’s right, the microfiche transfer from envelopes with film damaging stickers to acid- and sticker-free envelopes is complete! This project started in 2003 (yikes!) until just this past week, when the last stickered envelopes, hiding in plastic boxes, were discovered by Brandon, who wrestled them to the floor and ripped them to shreds. Maggie and Jacey then rescued the fiche from the rubble, branded new envelopes, and delivered the shaken but safe fiche to new homes.

A huge thanks to everyone who worked on this project. We appreciate all your hard work—even and especially when the hard work is incredibly easy but also incredibly tedious and seemingly unending. You’re the best.

Lens Type 1 for Microfilm/Fiche Scanners

Lens Type 1 Check In/Out Procedure

Please use the above procedure for checking out the Lens Type 1 for the microfilm/microfiche scanner. This procedure is also attached to the Lens box itself.


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