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Microfilm Scanners Lenses

We have been hearing from unhappy patrons about the microfilm scanner lenses. The lenses have not been check in when the patrons have finished with them. Since the lenses have not been checked in, patrons are receiving overdue notices.
This is unacceptable. Make sure that when a patron tells you that they are done with a lens, you go out immediately and change the lens back. If both of the type 1 lenses are checked out, due an item search in Aleph to see what lens is checked out to the patron. Then check that one back in.

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Cell Phones

Just a Reminder:
Cell Phones must be turned off or put on vibrate while at work. Also remember that using your cell phone while at the desk is not allowed. This includes sending and receiving text messages.

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It's the Season of Blue Surveys!

It's Spring time and so we're doing the usual housecleaning, which includes taking time for self-assessment. To this end, there is a box at the desk with blue survey forms. Please ask patrons if they would like to fill one out. You can roll this into your regular duties:

"Here's your book, it's due back at 4:15, and would you like to fill out a library survey today?"

See? Easy as pie!

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Reserve Desk Reminder

When your working at the desk please remember to:

Direct all patrons, if they have used reserves before, to look up what they need and write down a call number. Point out the reserve terminals as a resource. Please show the patrons who have never used reserves how to search and let me know that in the future when they come to the desk all they need is the call number.

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Beverages at the Desk

Recently there have been occasions of empty beverage containers being thrown in the trash and not in the recycling containers (located by the sink or right outside the office door). If this trend continues there will be no beverages allowed at the desk.

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Thanksgiving Weekend shifts

The hours for Thanksgiving Weekend are as followed:
Wednesday Nov. 21 8am-6pm
Thursday and Friday (22 & 23) closed
Saturday 12-5pm
Sunday 12-9pm

If you are scheduled for any of these days and know that you are going to be out of town during the holiday weekend, you may want to start looking for a substitute to work for you.

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No Facebook at the Desk

It has come to our attention that the block on facebook has not entirely taken effect. While we work to get a full block on facebook, i would just like to remind all of you that facebook is not allowed at the desk.

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There have been too many instances up stairs with items checked out from Reserves setting off the gate alarms. Please remember to desensitize the materials before giving them to the patron.

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Copier Service Numbers and Contacts

Here is some information of who to contact when there are problems with the Public Copiers/Uniprint and Cash to Card Equipment and staff isn't around:

Cash to Card
For all Cash to Card problems contact the UCard office at 6-9900 and ask for Mary or Sarah
Service is available from 8 am – 4:30 pm M-F
For a list of other location of Cash to Card machines:

Public Copiers
Library staff should try to clear paper jams and add paper for all other problems or continual jams please contact Metro Sales at:
Service is available from 7:30 am – 5:00 pm M-F
You will need to provide them with an equipment ID number which is located on a label on the front of the copier, contact number and any information you have regarding the problem.

For connectivity problems please contact or 4-4094
For Card Reader issues or Printer issues (other than paper) contact Metro Sales

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Computer Policy Change

Starting August 6th, we will have new guidelines for student use of computers at the front desk. Since this is a shift from what has been our normal policy down here, we want to explain our reasons for doing this, which are twofold:

First, our location (behind the walls of the reserve area) makes accessibility difficult for patrons. Patrons are much more comfortable approaching an open desk where they can see a friendly, welcoming staff person. Already working at the disadvantaged position of being hard to see, your focus on the computer screen (while intently surfing or typing) becomes even more of a barrier as patrons are not likely to “bother� staff workers who exhibit “closed� behavior (such as looking busy at a terminal).

While university-related and other resource and research sites are okay for the casual browse, answering email, participating in chats, or engaging in discussion groups online ( FaceBook, MySpace-type blogging community), take attention away from your principal role at the desk: which is as a customer service representative for the library. Your primary goal is to appear welcoming and to make eye contact with each passing patron. This is an important role and you don’t want anything to distract you from it.

Secondly, this is simply a library wide-policy which has not, until now, been enforced properly. It’s our responsibility to bring ourselves in line with the rest of the library departments.

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