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Newspaper Stats

There have been some problems with the Newspaper Collection in MNCAT. The main one being that the Newspaper holdings may show issues that we physically do not have on the shelf. Also, the holdings are sorting by Day then Month instead of Month then Day. We would like to see how frequently we get questions about these problems. In order to do this there is a calendar page by the paper cutter.

Counting the Newspapers

Anyone who prepares the newspapers in the morning knows that they are delivered to us with a post-it on top, declaring how many newspapers have been delivered. I have counted the stack of newspapers before, and I always find it off by one. So lately I have been taking that number and adding one for the MN Daily before I enter it into the statistics binder. I think that the MN Daily isn't delivered to us, but rather somebody brings it into the office earlier in the morning, so it isn't accounted for on that post-it. Am I right to do this? Does anyone know how the MN Daily gets in here?

St. Paul Pioneer Press received from Nov 17


Starting today, Wilson Periodicals is now receiving the St. Paul Pioneer Press, after having problems with receipt of this title since late October. We will not be receiving back issues, so there is still a gap from October 21 to November 17. However, this gap will be eliminated when the microfilm for this time period is received.

Please let me know if you have any questions about this title. Please refer to previous post about how to help patrons access the gap between Oct 21 and Nov 17.

Newspaper front pages

Look at today's front pages from around the world.

Pretty cool.

Good tool to pass along to Library patrons who are looking for news sources!

This can be accessed off of the and clicking on "Newseum - Interactive Museum of News" link. At this site, click on "Today's Front Pages" to access this tool.

St. Paul Pioneer Press


We have not received the St. Paul Pioneer Press since October 21, 2006.

We are having problems with the vendor who has normally sends us this newspaper. Until this problem is resolved, issues since October 21to the present are not available to Library users.

What if someone needs the St. Paul Pioneer Press?
1) Online database. Users can access this newspaper electronically through an online database. It is updated weekly so may not have the past few issues. Search for "St. Paul Pioneer Press" in MNCat Journals Catalog or e-Journals to access it electronically.
2) Pioneer Press website. Go to (the St. Paul Pioneer Press website) to access the paper. This does include today's and the most recent issues. After viewing a few articles, users are prompted to "become a member," which is free.
3) Paper copies at Magrath. Magrath Library (St. Paul Campus) is currently receiving this paper, and they keep the paper copy for the last four weeks. However, they have recently had problems with issues going missing or being vandalized, so call ahead(4-2233) to make sure what the patron needs is actually there.

NOTE: The Journalism Library has not received the St. Paul Pioneer Press since October 20. MNCat says that Journalism Library has the paper for the last 10 days, but this is not true at this time. Do not send patrons to the Journalism Library to get this paper.

New furniture


Check out new chairs in the newspaper room. We have already received great user reviews of this new comfy reading area.

Please pass along any feedback you hear from Library users to full-tiime staff.

Newspaper shelving counts


On shelving statistics in the last week or so, there are a few times that "newspaper" shelving has been very high (between 30-40 papers recorded per day). Could those of you who shelved this many print newspapers please respond just to confirm this is accurate. (Note: I'm talking about shelving, not newspaper processing, statistics)

I'm thinking that these numbers really represent newspaper microfilm reels, not actual print papers shelved. I could totally be wrong. If you shelved on July 12, 13, 17 or 18 please respond about this or just talk to me. Thanks!

By the way, CONGRATULATIONS to the entire unit for excellent stats keeping. Everyone is recording their numbers consistently, which I really appreciate. This has really improved over the past few months. These stats are actually used to make very important decisions in the Library, like what areas get more money to develop their collections. Thanks for doing such a great job.

New York Times IMPORTANT Reminder



When checking in the New York Times, please please please remember to look for:

-- New York Times Magazine
-- New York Times Book Review

These two items MUST be taken out of the paper and placed on the "problem newspaper" shelf. We don't have the NY Times Magazine for any of May, which means it was probably thrown out when ads were removed.

TIP: Sort through newspaper ads to make sure to never toss items like TV Guide, Want Ads, Classifieds, NY Times Magazine & Book Review, or other special sections that may be mixed in with ads.

All students please comment on this post.


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