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Chicano Serials Collection index

You may have students asking for the index to the Chicano Serials Microfilm Collection (Wils Mfilm 3859 - a huge collection of journals related to Chicano Studies).
There are two guides to the collection - the old (and very unhelpful) guide, which is in Reference (and which is the only one that will show up in a MnCat search), and the new and much more complete guide, which is on Reserve as a personal copy. Please have patrons use the guide that's on Reserve (it's the one their professor wants them to use).


I regret to inform you all of the untimely demise of Tattletape. Due to some procedural changes, it is no longer necessary to tattletape current issues and newspapers. Also, we are no longer reinforcing current issues.



At the end of Spring semester, we will be moving around 30,000 bound journals to the Libraries MLAC storage facility. Among other benefits, this will mean many many many less tight titles, because we'll have so much free space on the shelves!

Click here to see the journey our periodicals will take to get from Wilson to MLAC.

Below is a message from the librarians who made decisions about which 30,000 will be moved:

As happens over time, Wilson Library's Periodicals room has reached full shelving capacity, with hundreds of new volumes coming in each month. Libraries strive to keep their shelves at no more than 85% capacity, in order to create the needed space for future growth and ease of use.

As the Libraries move steadily toward more electronic journal access, reduction of binding and staff costs and the space needed to house print journals over time, we are still adding approximately 300 volumes per month to the Periodical Room collection, or 3600 volumes per year, and we are out of room.

To gain the needed space, our goal is to move 30,000 volumes out of the Periodical Room to the Minnesota Library Access Center (MLAC) compact storage facility in Andersen Library.

While we may not be able to have every desired periodical volume available in Wilson Periodicals, we provide a 24-hour turnaround time for paging material from MLAC and delivering it to the user's choice of University Library sites. We can also provide for consulting multiple volumes on-site at MLAC in Andersen Library.

We have prepared a list of journal titles, the back issues of which we believe could be transferred to MLAC with minimal inconvenience to users. These fall into two main categories. The first group comprises journal titles for which we can provide the text to pre-1996 issues in electronic format, titles via JSTOR and other providers. Titles in the second group are those for which we received no issues after 1995 and which are likely to receive less use than titles currently received. Subject librarians have reviewed these ceased or cancelled journal runs in their disciplines and have determined that these could be transferred to MLAC with little inconvenience to users.

Now we want your input!

The lists of titles that we are proposing to move to MLAC ar eposted on the University Libraries wehsbte at Between now and April 1st, please review the lists and identify any titles that you feel should remain in the Wilson Periodical Room. Please send your suggestions for titles you would like to see kept in Wilson to: or by campus mail to Periodicals Project, 170B Wilson Library.

We appreciate your help!

Final transfer decisions will be made in early April and the materials will be moved at the end of the spring semester.

St. Paul Pioneer Press


We have not received the St. Paul Pioneer Press since October 21, 2006.

We are having problems with the vendor who has normally sends us this newspaper. Until this problem is resolved, issues since October 21to the present are not available to Library users.

What if someone needs the St. Paul Pioneer Press?
1) Online database. Users can access this newspaper electronically through an online database. It is updated weekly so may not have the past few issues. Search for "St. Paul Pioneer Press" in MNCat Journals Catalog or e-Journals to access it electronically.
2) Pioneer Press website. Go to (the St. Paul Pioneer Press website) to access the paper. This does include today's and the most recent issues. After viewing a few articles, users are prompted to "become a member," which is free.
3) Paper copies at Magrath. Magrath Library (St. Paul Campus) is currently receiving this paper, and they keep the paper copy for the last four weeks. However, they have recently had problems with issues going missing or being vandalized, so call ahead(4-2233) to make sure what the patron needs is actually there.

NOTE: The Journalism Library has not received the St. Paul Pioneer Press since October 20. MNCat says that Journalism Library has the paper for the last 10 days, but this is not true at this time. Do not send patrons to the Journalism Library to get this paper.

New York Times IMPORTANT Reminder



When checking in the New York Times, please please please remember to look for:

-- New York Times Magazine
-- New York Times Book Review

These two items MUST be taken out of the paper and placed on the "problem newspaper" shelf. We don't have the NY Times Magazine for any of May, which means it was probably thrown out when ads were removed.

TIP: Sort through newspaper ads to make sure to never toss items like TV Guide, Want Ads, Classifieds, NY Times Magazine & Book Review, or other special sections that may be mixed in with ads.

All students please comment on this post.

Lens Type 1 for Microfilm/Fiche Scanners

Lens Type 1 Check In/Out Procedure

Please use the above procedure for checking out the Lens Type 1 for the microfilm/microfiche scanner. This procedure is also attached to the Lens box itself.


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