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eRes server down

The Libraries ERES (Electronic Reserves) server is down. Technicians are currently working to resolve the problem.
This means that all Electronic Reserve readings at will not be available. This will likely be down for the weekend. If you get questions from students trying to access the server please help them the best you can.
If the reading they need is an article from a journal and they have a citation, they should be able to access the article using the Journal Catalog to find an electronic copy. If they do not have the citation, try using Academic Search Premier to find an electronic copy.
If the reading is from a book it may be trickier. If they have the bibliographic information check to see if the university owns a copy of the book and if its checked out. Also you can try using WorldCat to see if any libraries close by have copies of the book. If they don't have the bibliographic information but know what the title of the chapter or essay that they need is, try using Google Scholar or Google Books to find the bibliographic information or maybe even the chapter online.

~Repost - Guest Login~

There have been questions of late about using the guest log in.

You have the right not to log in people at the computers. If you feel that they aren't legitimate users , you can refuse to do it. If they give you a hard time tell them to go up to the reference desk to get logged in or use the the public access computers in the library. There are six open access computers on this floor: 2 five minute computers by the Uniprint station, and 4 20 minute limit computers in Government Publications/Business Reference. There are cards for Matt Bowers, Security Coordinator for the library, at the front desk. Give them to the people who have issues with the policy.

I would also like to remind everybody to fill out an incident report so we can keep track of this type of activity in the library. There is a bookmark for incident reports on the reserve desk computers.


Just a couple reminders:

First, Spring Semester Schedule runs through May 17.
This includes Finals Week, so if you have an exam or are planning to leave right after finals. You must find a replacement.

Second, make sure when bringing microfilm to the re-shelving area, put Wils Microfilm and Newspaper Microfilm in the correct area. Each has its own location in the re-shelving area.

Desk Tracker

Starting April 2 the process for logging into Desk Tracker will change. The new procedure is hanging at the desk.

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Desk Tracker

We are now using Desk Tracker at the Reserve desk to track questions asked that are not reserve related. These include questions about how to use the Microfilm Scanners, finding an article from a specific journal, where can i find the nearest restroom, to name a few. Desk Tracker is located on both computers and should be up in a browser at all times. There is a handout up at the desk that has the password on it.

Reserve Check-Ins

There have been too many occurrences of Reserve items not being checked in. This needs to stop. Make sure you check in materials as soon as there have been returned either in the book drops or handed in at the desk. If this continues certain desk privileges may be revoked.

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a reminder and a tip ~

The reminder: Summer is lazing along and I know it feels kinda dead around here, but remember to stay alert and professional while on desk duty. I know it's horrifically hot and having a cold drink up there is a little bit of heaven, but please keep drinks under the desk. Especially when you wander off to help a patron in the room, nothing looks worse than a service window with a sign telling a patron to ring the bell while the counter is all cluttered with drinks, magazines, crumpled tissues, etc. Try keep it tidy, everyone.

The tip: Leave Explorer or Firefox running while you're up there. Now, don't abandon it there while surfing YouTube, but keep a browser window ready either open to the reserve site or the library home page so that when a patron comes up you can type in their query. The desk computers are kind of pokey (as you know), so saving them that little extra bit of frustration of having to wait for the browser may seem minuscule, but it makes a difference. Your preparedness adds to the overall appearance that you are professional!

just say no to clutter

Okay, enough with the service announcements. Is everyone having a great summer?

: D

Push those surveys!

Don't forget to ask patrons if they would please "Rate Your Library!"

Assessing patron satisfaction helps us to know how we can do our job better and improves overall customer service. Please remember to ask patrons to take a moment to fill out the blue smiley survey (it's friendly and fun!)

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Out of Order Signs

Out of Order Signs are now available at the Reserve desk, near the maps.

If you discover that a micrographic scanner or copy machine is not functioning, please immediately tape a sign to it and inform full-time staff.

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Missing Nametag

I have a missing nametag to report. It must have been misplaced sometime on monday, so everyone who came in monday please check to make sure you didn't grab the wrong nametag. Thank you.


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