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Watch for water damage

As most of you have seen, we have 2 water leaks out in the periodicals room. If you find any more please alert full-time staff immediately. Also, if you find any leaks in the stacks while shelving let us know, we have plastic sheeting that we can put out to protect the journals.
Please review the libraries emergency procedures found hanging by the desk or from the link below:

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Weekly Incident Report

Weekly Incident Report Digest:
On 2/28, staff reported minor vandalism to a computer in the Smart Commons in Wilson.
On 3/3, a patron in Wilson reported to staff that her purse was missing, possibly stolen. UMPD was called and a report was filed. Shortly thereafter, the purse was turned in at Wilson Circulation. Nothing was missing and the purse was reunited with its relieved owner.

Seven incident reports were filed last week from Reserve and Periodicals
Four of these were dealing with the lib guest log-in
Two were from patrons asking for security monitors or police
One was a lock on the computers in the periodicals room

Remember if you fill out an incident report, please let me know.

Are you feeding the mice?


You have all probably heard about our mouse problem. Becky's reminded you not to leave food around - I'd like to add that you need to be careful about where you throw away tasty trash. The only trash can that gets emptied daily is the big one near the sink - please put anything a critter might want to eat in the big trash can only.

Safety Alert

On 10-08-07, at 9 p.m. in a first floor restroom of Anderson Hall, a 64- year-old male was the victim of an attempted robbery/theft of his wallet. No harm came to the victim, but the suspect used the victim’s disability to facilitate his attempt of the robbery/theft. No loss occurred.
The suspect was described to police as: male, black (dark complexion), 20-25 years old, and 5’8� – 5’9� tall. He was wearing a black long-sleeved shirt, a pair of black pants, and had braided medium-length hair covered by a white bandana (“dew rag�). Some facial hair was observed.

Safety Tips:
Increase your awareness of your surroundings.
Report suspicious activity immediately.
Use the University of Minnesota’s Student Monitor Program escort service. This service is available 24 hours a day by calling 612.624.WALK (9255).

Attempted Assault in Library

Today there was an attempted assault on the fourth floor of Wilson Library with the perpetrator getting away. While incidents like this do not typically occur in the library, it is important that we take precautionary actions to ensure that everybody remains safe. Remember if you see suspicious activity out in the library to let a full time staff member know.

If you are concerned about walking to and from the library or campus, the UMPD suggests that you call the Campus Escort Service at 612-624-WALK (9255). The Campus Escort Service is available 24 hours a day.

Wilson Emergency Procedures

Due to the last to fire alarms, it's time to review the library's emergency procedures! This is for everyone, supervisors included. You can either go to the link below or there is a printed version at the desk.

Holding Personal Items at Desk

Message from Jerrie Bayer:

As a rule, staff should be aware that they should never hold onto personal materials for users. The Libraries should not be put in a position where they could be held liable if theft or damage occurs while an item is in the care of our staff.

Also of concern is the potential for criminal activity involving unattended bags, such as bombs or other harmful devices. Because of this potential danger, staff should not jeopardize themselves or other library patrons by accepting a bag from a patron.

If there are concerns raised by users or staff, please refer them to either me or Matt Bowers ( Further information will be coming from the Safety Committee.

Weekly Incident Report

There were two incidents reported last week,

On 7/8, a Wilson staff member was in the building after closing and exited by the emergency door by the circulation desk on the first floor. The alarm sounded, the staffer called 911, and the alarm was disabled by UMPD. Staff in Wilson who leave after closing should exit by the secure door in the basement by Shipping and Receiving.

On 7/11, outside the front door, an individual was verbally abusive to Wilson staff members. UMPD was in the area looking for the individual based on a complaint from University staff in another West Bank building. The individual was charged with disorderly conduct.

Also on 7/11, a fire alarm sounded in Wilson due to smoke from burning microwave popcorn in the staff lounge. A memo was sent out reminding staff about library policy concerning microwave popcorn.

Many thanks to everyone in Wilson for the great cooperation during the fire alarm this morning. The alarm sounded during a regular maintenance check by Facilities staff.

Incident Report Digest

A incident report was filed on May 14th concerning a group of noisy patrons in Walter Library.

We have also received reports concerning patrons praying in staff areas, as well as patron complaints concerning other patrons praying in the stacks. There have also been anecdotal reports of issues involving foot washing in restrooms.

On Wednesday, May 23, Linda DeBeau-Melting [attended] a meeting with other campus representatives to get an understanding of the issues involved and possible solutions.

There were two incident reports filed last week.

On 5/15, in Wilson Library, a staff member discovered a patron in the library after closing. The staff member escorted the patron out of the building. The patron reported that he had not heard the closing announcement.

On 5/24, a water leak was reported in the Vet Med Library. Staff notified facilities and began the recovery process immediately.

UMPD Chief Greg Hestness sent an all-staff campus safety alert on 5/25. The alert reported an armed robbery at University Village Apartments, on the eastern edge of the Minneapolis campus. Chief Hestness reminded staff to call 612-624-WALK (9255) if any one would like an escort on campus. For more information, see Escort Service

~ Matt Bowers, Library Safety/Security Coordinator

East Bank evacuation today

Seven buildings on the East Bank campus are in the process of being evacuated due to a bomb threat. They include: Kohltoff, Smith, Frasier, Johnston and Morrill Halls as well as Walter Library and the Science Classroom Building. All classes and meetings in these buildings have been canceled for the remainder of the day. Students are asked to return to their residence halls or their off-campus housing. Please do not congregate in the Mall area.

Staff are encouraged to go to another Libraries location until we learn more or they can return to their buildings. Please watch for further announcements.

--Linda Watson, Acting University Librarian


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