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Dewey Shelving Tips

Just a quick reminder about shelving Dewey Reserves:
81, 87 and 88 are all numbers that you will need to mentally add a 1 to the end of the call number in order to shelve them properly. 81’s are shelved as 811’s, 87’s are shelved as 871’s and 88’s are shelved as 881’s.

Periodicals on the move

All students: please visit & thoroughly read: Wilson Periodicals Transfers to MLAC Storage

Note how the records will look in MNCat temporarily.

On April 16, staff will begin pulling the serial volumes for transfer to the MLAC compact storage facility in the Andersen Library. Over 34,000 volumes will be removed from the Wilson Periodicals collection. We anticipate this project will be completed by the end of May. There are two parts of this project; titles identified as cancelled or ceased, and those duplicated by JSTOR or Elsevier electronic journals. The cancelled/ceased titles will be transferred first.

The runs of the JSTOR and Elsevier titles are being split between Wilson and MLAC. Those volumes published prior to 1996 will be moved. Holdings records for the titles will be updated on a continuing basis throughout the project. During parts of the process, duplicate records will appear for Wilson in the catalog.

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Help prevent theft at the Library...


From reading this blog, you've probably noticed that there have been a few thefts (lap tops, purses) at Wilson Library recently.

To help prevent theft, the Libraries Facilities department (FOM) has prepared a simple notice to alert library users that it is not safe to leave their laptops, backpack, and other personal items unattended. Please be on the lookout for unattended items and leave a notice on such items for the patron. Take a supply of notices to use while shelving.

We will keep a supply at the desk. Please alert Margaret when we are running low on these notices.

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More on Newspaper Statistics


In response to recent posting about shelving statistics for newspapers, I need to clarify where and how to record newspaper statistics:

1) The "Newspapers" sheet in the shelving statistics notebook (the one near front desk) should only be used to record print newspapers shelved that are out in the room or in the Periodicals reshelving area. In other words, only record newspapers shelved that have been used by patrons.
2) Do not record anywhere print newspapers shelved directly from the "Today's Papers" and "High Use" shelving in the newspaper room.

Sorry for the confusion on this folks. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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Newspaper shelving counts


On shelving statistics in the last week or so, there are a few times that "newspaper" shelving has been very high (between 30-40 papers recorded per day). Could those of you who shelved this many print newspapers please respond just to confirm this is accurate. (Note: I'm talking about shelving, not newspaper processing, statistics)

I'm thinking that these numbers really represent newspaper microfilm reels, not actual print papers shelved. I could totally be wrong. If you shelved on July 12, 13, 17 or 18 please respond about this or just talk to me. Thanks!

By the way, CONGRATULATIONS to the entire unit for excellent stats keeping. Everyone is recording their numbers consistently, which I really appreciate. This has really improved over the past few months. These stats are actually used to make very important decisions in the Library, like what areas get more money to develop their collections. Thanks for doing such a great job.

Count 'em up

The shelving statistics notebook has received a minor makeover. Check out the new set of instructions taped to the cover. There is also now a calculator available next to the notebook for quick, easy addition of statistics.

Remember to initial your shelving stats. Thanks!



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